Dangar Falls

Dangar Falls


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So you have some time for a road trip, but where to go? Do you have a couple of days or a couple of weeks?

What if you leave beautiful Queensland behind and check out what New South Wales has to offer? A good book that will help you get sorted is Camping Around New South Wales and you can check out the National Parks website .

You can head out from Brisbane onto the Cunningham highway, past Warwick, Stanthorpe, and right through Girraween National Park, a gorgeous and scenic drive. Keep going and proceed south. This will take roughly five hours but stopping anywhere in between is an option and you can camp in Girraween or stay in one of the towns.

Proceed south past Tenterfield and through the lovely town of Armidale, making your way to , a short drive from the town.

You can camp here, paying your fees when the ranger comes to collect. Go during the week or off times and you may have the whole campground to yourself.

It is small, maybe 12 sites, beautifully laid out amongst the trees. All underbrush has been removed, excellent for viewing the grazing kangaroos and wallabies. Though there are no showers you can rough it for a few days as you are situated perfectly to a hike that leads you around and through this amazing gorge area.

One step onto the viewing platform by the cookhouse and you witness the rugged, craggy edges designed by Mother Nature. This year having been the driest wet season for both Brisbane and Sydney, 28 and 27 years respectively, the waterfall you have come to see is dry.

Had the waterfall been flowing you would never have seen this amazing spectacle. Marvel at how this is such an opportunity to see something you may never have seen otherwise.

The trail sits atop a ridge, affording you views from both directions. You will get a peak here and there of the cookhouse in the picnic area and the other viewing platforms around the gorge. As you walk along this easy trail be careful of your footing. It is rocky in spots, tree branches here and there.

This trail around the gorge winds its way like an undulating snake, with sheer cliff faces that can only be climbed by the most experienced climbers. Steep, sharp angles stand out and make for a dramatic landscape.

Carrying on the path, you stop more than a few times to check out rock wallabies, with their beautiful brush like tails. The tiny native birds flit in and out, too fast to see. The amazing area around this gorge has been a pleasure to stop and take note of.

There are numerous tracks to follow and you can do one or several. Take a look at McDirty's Lookout track and you get to see another end of the valley.

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