Dan and Andy's Hawthorne Garage

Dan and Andy's Hawthorne Garage


Posted 2012-08-30 by Scarlettfollow

There is something charming about the local neighbourhood market that cannot be denied. It offers not just a treat for all your 5 senses, it also offers a personal touch. The opportunity to get to know the people in the store who have helped establish or perhaps even own it, is something that should never be missed out upon.

Forget your big supermarket chains and come back to the crux of human nature. People meeting people.

Hawthorne Garage is such an establishment. Recently opened by brothers Dan and Andy in what used to be a garage, this little market offers a wide range of produce that will appeal to anyone. From fresh fruits, bread and fresh flowers, to gourmet meats, hot meals and deli salads - this place is amazing. Those who love to entertain will also find a wide range of delectable crackers, chocolates, cheeses and meats that have been carefully selected by the shop owners. I know where I am going to go the next time I have friends over!

And if you happen to be taking the bub out, or meeting up with friends or clients, Hawthorne Garage has tables set up next to the foot path. You can pick deli sandwiches, salads, hot food and eat casually with friends whilst watching the world go by along Hawthorne.

If you (like me) are a busy busy bee, rushing from place to place, this is perfect for you. Park right in front of the store, hop out and grab a sandwich and coffee, and drive off into the sun!

The DNA coffee bar is conveniently located in the corner, easily accessible to those who are only after a cuppa. I ordered a skinny flat white which arrived very promptly. The coffee was creamy, smooth and very well done. The temperature was just right along the 65 degree mark. However, what placed a smile on my face was a little gingerbread man, lying on top of my coffee cup. What a whimsical touch to it all. Sometimes, we need some love as well, and that is what this little local grocery deli cafe offers.

I give Hawthorne Garage a thumbs up!

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