Damages - TV Series Review

Damages - TV Series Review


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Spoiler alert! This article reveals the main points covered by this TV series' plot.

The American TV series Damages revolves around two central feminine characters – a tough lawyer, Patty Hewes, and her young associate, Ellen Parsons. Despite the countless lawyer TV series that have been broadcast along the years, Damages has found its place in the fans' hearts. Its entertaining plot, the act's quality, and the well written, intelligent screenplay certainly contributed to the series' success.

Featuring Glenn Close in the main role, Damages starts at an obvious advantage. The image of 'tough woman' the actress has made for herself through her previous roles (including 101 Dalmatians' Cruela) transfers to Damages. Thus, Patty Hewes' image is, from the beginning, that of a classy and cold woman - a determined lawyer sitting at the head of a powerful legal company, whose only one obsession and mission in life is to establish justice. She does not care about the ways or the corps she has to step on in order to reach her goal.

Unfortunately, her new partner Ellen Parsons (skilfully interpreted by the Australian Rose Byrne) does not understand Patty's character from the beginning. The naïve Ellen does not have a clue to why she was hired. She starts to understand the ulterior motives behind her recruitment only when asked to persuade her to-be sister-in-law to testify against her investor Arthur Frobisher (Ted Danson). A corporate magnate, Frobisher and his lawyer, Ray Fisk (Zeljko Ivanek) will be featured in the whole first season as Patty's trial against them develops.

The complicated relationship between the two women is probably the series' most interesting aspect. At the beginning, Ellen looks up to Patty with respect and admiration for her professional success. By the end of the first season, Ellen finds her fiancé dead and suspects her mentor is somehow involved. During following two seasons, we see Ellen working with the District Attorney's office, trying to reveal Patty's dirty deeds, but also to move on with her life. She starts dating a former high school colleague, Chris Sanchez, and is ready to testify against Patty in her son's custody trial. After moving to another legal firm, where she feels unappreciated, Ellen returns, in the end, to Hewes and Associates, hoping to be able to use the company's resources in order to fight Chris' former employers.

Friends and enemies at the same time, different, but very similar, loyal and suspicious of each other, the two women succeed to maintain the viewers' attention throughout the series' five seasons. Damages is undoubtedly one of the best lawyers series ever, touching the detective field as well.

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