Daisy's Milk Bar

Daisy's Milk Bar


Posted 2014-12-05 by Bethanyfollow
Sydney is never short of good cafes, but in my continuous search for that next caffeine fix, I was led to the amazing discovery known as .

Daisy's is a tiny little cafe situated on Stanmore Road, Petersham, open weekdays from 7.30am (8am on weekends) until 4pm. It's easy to miss at first, but once you've seen it, you'll wonder why you've never noticed it before.

The front of house is painted in pastels and white, reminiscent of old school terrace houses with white picket fences, complete with a little patch of green at its doorstep for outdoor seating. The interior gives off a very retro 1960s vibe with its pastel decor and a lamp hanging on the wall in the shape of a giant ice cream cone.

I personally loved the box they've placed in front of the espresso machine for the used espresso grounds so people can take them home for the garden. It's a much better use for them than just throwing them out, and I was oddly pleased to see it sitting there. Sometimes it's little things like this that can really leave an impression when you're in a new place.

The food is absolutely delicious.

The banana pikelets are to die for: the pikelets themselves are beautifully fluffy, and the sweetness of the caramelised maple butter is complemented by the tart raspberry coulis. We also got the baked eggs, which was bursting with flavour; and the eggs benny roll. There are also jams! Lovely, lovely jams in all sorts of delicious flavours like mixed berries, lavender, and pear and cinnamon!

There's a cute little cordial station nestled in a corner of the cafe as well, where you can help yourselves to a selection of cordials and fruit water. It's delicious and refreshing, perfect now that summer's upon us.

We didn't get to try the desserts this time, unfortunately, but that just gives us another reason keep going back. Check out their Facebook page for more photos and updates on what's happening in store.

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