Dainty Dowager Restaurant

Dainty Dowager Restaurant


Posted 2015-12-04 by Bronwyn S.follow
The newest kid on the Beaufort St block is finally here, albeit with a rather mysterious name. Dainty Dowager, from the people who gave us Low Key Chow House, opened in Mount Lawley in November, however it is not until mid December that they will officially have a launch name.

Visiting earlier this week, I was pleasantly surprised by the price of such great food.

First thoughts are positive: a fully stocked bar and nice decor. From industrial painted exposed brick contrasting with concrete, the restaurant is welcoming but intimate. Rice baskets and modern lights hanging from the roof make you feel as though you are in a funky upmarket, slightly daring, Asian bar.

The wine list includes a vast plethora of international and local wines. I opted for a Spanish Tempranillo which went perfectly with the meals.

As it was two of us, we opted to share a number of entrees and mains which definitely did not disappoint! First we started with the roast duck bao ($16.50) and thit nuong pork belly lettuce cups ($15). Both are not to be missed, with enough chilli on the side to keep everyone happy.

Next we added the Chinese greens with chilli sambal ($14) (too spicy for my friend, more for me!) and the sweet potato noodle spring rolls ($10). After all four dishes we were seriously happy.

The beauty of this restaurant is that everything is quick to cook so they welcome late additions to the order, reducing the risk of big eyes and a small belly. Or, allowing you to order double of a favourite (roast duck bao anyone?).

The staff were friendly and not pushy, we ended up spending the last hour gasbagging with only water in front of us and the staff were unfussed, although it was a rather quiet Wednesday night, not sure how this would go on a busy Saturday.

Overall my favourite part of the night was the cheat sheet on the menu. If you are like me and spend a lot of time choosing the perfect dish and have a mild panic when you don't know a couple of items on the menu, rest assured. You don't need to reach for Google, Dainty's has taken care of it. I now speak fluent Asian restaurateur and can order my bao, nori and bee hoon with confidence.

Refreshingly, as we were leaving we were asked by the maitre de about our experience and were given a bit of background about the mystery of the name and the re-launch. Definitely a crowd pleaser and worth a return visit.

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