DaBomb Surf Center & Museum

DaBomb Surf Center & Museum


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Selling surf gear is one thing, but offering the area's only museum on surfing history brings this place to an entirely different level. DaBomb Surf Centre and Museum in Maroochydore is a gem for the surfing community. They sell just about everything a surfer could need while showing off its extensive memorabilia collection.

According to the website , the centre was founded by Sharon and Nigel Jackson in June 2007. Sharon was a multi-time Australia and state title holder and had more than 30 years experience in the surfing industry.

The bottom floor is dedicated to the surf gear. They've got everything from boardies and bikinis to surfboards, bodyboards, wetsuits and, my favourite, aloha shirts . They had an extensive range in every category, I'm sure a regular surfer could burn a hole through their wallet in here. If you can use it in the surf or sand it's hanging on the wall here. But this place isn't just for the surfer in us, I also noticed a small section for skateboards here.

Upstairs you will find the museum . It may feel small but it's absolutely packed with local, national and even international knowledge. If you've ever had an interest in the evolution of surfing this is a must visit.

There were framed historic photos, newspaper clippings, T-shits, posters from now famous surf competitions, a trophy cabinet and even odd bits and pieces like trading cards and of course, historic surfboards. I can't imagine how long it took the museum to collate this, or how much it would all cost.

A couple of historic surfboards you may be interested in her include the 1970's twinfin by Mark Richards , a 5 foot 10 inch Farrelly from the late 60s . Only 250 of these were ever made.

They've also got a hollow wood surfboard, one of the rarest in the museum. They've even got a surfboard from the first commercial manufacturer in Queensland, a 9 foot 5 inch Hawaiian Malibu from the 60s. A real collectable I'm told, in the top 5 in Australia even.

I'm no mad surfing nut but I had a greater appreciation for the sport and lifestyle after a short walk around the museum. Da Bomb Surf Centre and Museum is a great stop off for anyone heading to the Sunshine Coast for a weekend of surfing to top up on some gear and indulge in some nuggets of history at the same time.

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