Cystic Fibrosis Queensland - May 2024

Cystic Fibrosis Queensland - May 2024


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credit: CFQ, Queensland, AU

Due to the nationally recognised 65 Roses Day (May 24, 2024), Cystic Fibrosis Queensland is celebrating and fundraising especially for the month of May. Ways to participate and contribute are included via the Cystic Fibrosis Queensland website at . Why not go to the bookstore or the hottest new way to raise funds is with the delightful rose emblem unisex socks as shown online at . Some links have been included below to help follow the campaign, including Raisely online fundraising, shop, bookshop, social media and the charity website.

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Links to assist following the fundraising efforts this May

Follow all the news on Facebook at: .

The charity shop is always brimming with trendy new fundraising merchandise ideas! Find them at .

Raisely sites include the rose garden - about planting a virtual rose online. Link to the virtual rose garden found at , as well as the much-loved challenge for May, now as a Raisely hub, although it still is a peer2peer concept, there is simply more flexibility or range of peer2peer campaigns possible - not just the one theme! You can enquire further about the challenge at - which is all about doing '65 of something' during May. While a 65-minute walk is fine, trying reading 65 books is even better, and a bake-off for 65 cupcakes or a 65-kilometre bike ride are all possible - it depends on one's interests, which is the essence of running a community hub - so peer2peer campaigns can be more specific, yet all involved in the entire campaign.


The Nundah-based bookstore is also a huge part of May fundraising, with website found here at and the store's Facebook site is a great source on promotions at the store, found online at .

credit: and CFQ bookshop

Volunteering and about cystic fibrosis

As getting involved is much valued, volunteering is a super way to lend a hand to this charity, which exists due to the nature of caring for its members' difficult-to-treat disorder of cystic fibrosis, which causes many illnesses, including severe problems with breathing and digestion. Such problems occur significantly because cystic fibrosis is caused by disorder in the formation of human cells - a vital biological factor in human life (in all life in fact). If at all moved by such a cause, do visit the website or contact the charity to lend a helping hand, phone at 3359 8000 or on the charity website at and lend a helping hand this month of May. There are ways to benefit as a volunteer or donor, and often such involvement opens doors and other opportunities for those who try to expand their horizons and help those with cystic fibrosis at the same time. Note that most concepts are caringly yet insightfully explained on the charity website, such as how the illness works, how to help the charity, and how the members benefit from the charity.

Photos for this article are sourced from Cystic Fibrosis Queensland at and Facebook - hence this article is a great starting point for getting involved in the month of May fundraising.

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