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Crysis 3 (PC) - Game Review

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Published March 3rd 2013
You are Prophet, a soldier who donned a nanosuit, fought the Ceph (aliens) and survived. Sort of. The man/machine/alien entity fought the Alpha Ceph and was rendered unconscious in space. Crynet Enforcement & Local Logistics (CELL), a private military organisation, procured Prophet in his slumber and focused on global domination.

Psycho, now unskinned (free of his nanosuit), leads a rescue mission to retrieve his colleague from the clutches of CELL. And so Prophet is reunited with his good old buddy and the game begins.

The world has changed since Crysis 2. New York now resembles an overgrown forest littered with derelict buildings and an overarching grid-like metal infrastructure across the sky and horizon. You follow the bald and profanity-spewing Psycho as he explains recent events and a revolution movement fighting the CELL regime.

Without question you help Psycho blast CELL operatives with an arsenal of weaponry from assault rifles and shotguns to pistols and a newly acquired compound bow.

All weapons have different attachments like scopes and silencers. The bow has different ammo types that can electrocute soldiers standing in water or explode on impact.

Prophet's best weapon is his nanosuit. Like the previous games you can cloak to sneak by the enemy or perform a stealth kill by driving a knife through someone's back or snapping a neck.

Nanofibres can be strengthened for additional kinetic protection. Sprinting and jumping can also be assisted with nano technology.
The bow is almost a mandatory choice in the battlefield. Ammo is too scarce to charge in guns blazing. Silent kills are necessary to get from one end of the map to the other. Normally if you shoot while cloaked your suit become instantly visible, rendering the stealth feature useless. The bow, and silenced weapons, enables you to hunt without that penalty. Retrieving bolts from corpses also emphasises the importance of ammunition conservation.

Prophet's binoculars can be used to paint targets on your heads-up display. This feature seems too easy and simple because all enemies are flagged as grey triangles even if you do not draw a direct line-of-sight to them. You can stand or crouch behind a wall, scope out all of the nasty soldiers and then systematically eradicate or evade them. This makes the game too easy.

Some levels toy with your nanosuit abilities, which changes the pace a little bit. CELL have rocket towers combing the fields with sensors. Psycho wants you to check several locations for weapon caches, which means standing in the middle of nowhere and risking a rocket to the face. This instance is a case of trial and error by finding the best bushes and rusted wrecks to hide behind while your nanosuit energy recharges. Sadly, this mechanic is tedious and would have worked better in a sandbox environment rather than an on-rails shooter experience that is very Call of Duty-eque.

The visuals are spectacular. Cloth textures look fantastic and the physics have been improved to make light objects move more naturally in the breeze. Sprinting and aiming down the sights is fluid however the framerate drops when there is a lot of action happening on-screen due to the particle effects, shading details and intricate shadows being projected all at once. Light shines through tree canopies and dapples the waving blades of grass. Fire a few rounds into the water to break surface tension and watch the ripples.

Crysis 3 might be sluggish at the most hectic times but it is important to note that the DX11 features are also designed for future generation hardware and you can scale the options back for playability.

When CELL are just about thwarted, the Ceph make their appearance and things become more frustrating. The Ceph are like robotic jellyfish. They are purple, use nano technology and even out the playing field.

Crysis 3 is a mediocre shooter. You do not really feel a connection with the main characters because there is no sense of choice or a need to fight other than protecting the inhabitants of Earth. Franchise fans will play for the story and overclockers will use this game as a benchmark for comparing GPUs. Stunning graphics, unfortunately, are not enough to keep me interested.
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Why? Super soldier versus robotic jellyfish
Cost: Up to $98
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