Crown Chakradance Journey: Dance of the Soul

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Posted 2023-09-04 by Tricia Ziemerfollow

Sun 10 Sep 2023

I am continuing my Chakradance journey and this next Chakra is the Crown Chakra where you further connect with your soul.
Rose your local guide

In this next 2 hour immersive workshop Rose (our guide) explains I will journey deep into the crown chakra to remember the sacredness of the soul and my spiritual nature.

My understanding of the Chakra is it is a meditation system based on the blended systems of ancient Buddhist and Hindu beliefs. This spiritual system emphasises the major areas of energy around the base of our spin, the stomach, the solar plexus, the heart, the throat and the top of our head. You are guided by the spiritual facilitator through breathing exercises, mantras, and visualizations, with music and voice and slowly you add your own personal physical dance moves.
Intimate sacred space

The workshops are led by Rose. Rose says, "This ChakraDance gives you a clearer path to your soul." As you start deep breathing exercises you are guided to meditate on those Chakra areas and then you move further into your experience supported by deep resounding primal music and interpretative dance."

She explains, "In connecting to the crown we deepen our trust and faith in the benevolence and goodness of the universe. We gift ourselves the time and space to remember our divine connection and oneness of who we truly are; infinite and limitless. We pause and listen in, to receive the messages and wisdom of our soul.

“We are not human beings that have occasional spiritual experiences; rather, we are spiritual beings that have occasional human experiences.”

The workshop begins with a gentle opening meditation, then a warmup dance where we first check in and connect to the energy of all 7 chakras from the base to the crown. The crown chakra is a culmination of all the energies experienced and beyond. We then delve into the crown chakra.

Afterwards you are totally chilled and relaxed, you share a healthy tea and food and Tarot cards. My card was exactly how I was feeling at the time.

You must try this for yourselves and feel the magic. I know it is a very ancient modality of healing that has been around for 1000s and 1000s of years, but Natalie (the originator) and Rose (a local guide) have brought it into this era for us. It is advanced healing in this hectic world where we seem to never stop and take a moment to just be. I could not believe this two hour session was only $49 dollars. A massage would cost me $100 an hour. And I did it for myself.

To sign up for this wonderful journey of discovery, find facilitators or classes see the Chakradance website at Chakradance

Bookings are essential as this is an intimate sacred group space.
The session is held at Merkaba Studio
15 Mills Street Cheltenham, VIC 3192

It is being held on Sunday 10 September from 3:30 to 5:30.

Believe me, the time flies and you feel so refreshed and revitalised after for days.
Take the Chakradance journey

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