The Crosstown Eating House

The Crosstown Eating House


Posted 2013-12-01 by Pjfollow
Isn't it a shame when you go to a restaurant and its so close to being great but it falls down just before it gets there? This is how I feel after dining last night at Woolloongabba's Crosstown Eating House. Nestled in the trendy little dead end of Logan Road you'll find a number of little eateries and niche market shopping options. Crosstown Eating House certainly looks the part with its converted 1920s fa├žade blending surreptitiously with the surrounding buildings.

Inside the shabby chic conversion theme is continued with a 'everything old is new again' type feel. It is obviously a very popular spot on a Saturday night. My group of nine arrived quite early at 6pm but the place was well and truly full by 6.30pm. I can't make any comments about the upstairs bar area as it was booked out for a private function. There is very nice little bar with an impressive drinks menu in the restaurant area but for some unknown reason you are not supposed to order from it. Instead you have to wait for the staff to hopefully notice that you are after a refill.

First up for the night we were told we couldn't order at least three things from the menu (both food and drink), kind of poor form for a Saturday evening but we moved on from there ordering a large selection of starters to share. A stand out from their current offerings would most certainly have to be the anchovy stuffed crumbed olives. If someone had left an entire dinner plate of these in front of me I think I would have been fairly happy. My highly carnivorous partner was quite taken with their sticky ribs. To the chefs credit all of the starters were beautifully presented.

For main course I opted for the fish of the day which last night was a crispy skinned salmon served with crispy potatoes, salsa verde and asparagus. The fish was perfectly cooked in the middle but a little dry around the edges. The skin however was deliciously crispy and the sides were well executed and matched to the dish. Once again the Mister went for the meaty option and very much enjoyed his rib fillet although for what he got we both agreed $35 was a little on the steep side. By all accounts around the table most people were reasonably happy with their meals, although I was told the mussels were a little disappointing.

So the food was quite good, and the ambience of the place certainly had an appealing quality. One issue, and this is something I've noticed with a few establishments that earn a bit of a cult status with the public: the service was average at best. The staff had the less than charming affectation of seeming as though they almost thought they were just a little bit too cool to serve you. This is such a huge let down to all the other components which otherwise make up an enjoyable dining experience.

So will I be rushing back to anytime soon? Most likely not but I'm happy to have my mind changed if anyone else has had a better experience.

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