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Posted 2011-09-09 by Natasha Stewartfollow
Darwin is pretty much synonymous with Crocodiles, but there is one place in Darwin city centre that takes the Crocodile experience to a whole new level. At you can learn all about crocodiles, and other reptiles, and if you're brave enough you can even go down in the Cage of Death.

You don't need to be adventurous to enjoy . Take a look at crocodiles, other reptiles, and sea creatures, as you walk past the many aquariums. This can be a peaceful place to just sit and watch, as the animals get on with their daily life. If you feel like stepping things up a little bit, you can head over to their discovery centre where you'll get the opportunity to hold a snake or a baby crocodile.

There are also attractions on all throughout the day. Watch the Big Croc Feeding, where these powerful beasts are fed big slabs of meat. You might reconsider your choice of the Cage of Death when you watch Bite Force, a machine demonstration that shows just how much power a croc's jaws have. Fun for the kids will also enjoy the Fishing for Crocs platform, where they'll get to feed baby crocodiles with a fishing rod.

Obviously the biggest attraction has got to be the Cage of Death . Up to two people are lowered into multiple croc enclosures in a see-through cage. Only armed with a pair of goggles to see, it is up to the crocs to decide what kind of experience you'll have. You might partake in a peaceful swim while these giant creatures sit and watch, but if they're feeling playful you might find yourself in a far scarier situation. The cage of death is $148 per person if only one person is heading in, or $108 per person if there are two of you.

Children who feel adventurous can have their own croc swimming experience. There is a small swimming pool, with a see through wall that stares out onto the baby crocodiles. This is fun for kids and adults who want to see these crocs swim, without getting too close.

is not only lots of fun, but it's also educational. You'll learn all about crocs, and about the efforts to protect them, and the people that live near them. This is a great family destination, and a fun thing to do without having to leave the Darwin City Centre.

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