Creativity Workshop with Fiona Claire

Creativity Workshop with Fiona Claire


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Sun 24 Mar 2013

Creativity ~ the magic act of using your imagination in the service of a glimmer that exists inside your head and bringing it out into the world. Giving birth, taking a great photo, writing a poem, coming up with solutions to problems that didn't previously seem to have a door to walk out of, all are examples of creativity.

On a good day, indulging in creativity brings colour and possibility to your world. Let's face it, the way most of us live is ... well, it's often pretty bloody boring, isn't it? A little relentless, a little driven, and a little tedious.

Which is why places like Weekend Notes exist, to remind us to take a break and recharge our batteries doing things that nourish us. However, for some complex and complicated reasons, that's a little easier said than done.

[ADVERT]Taking time out to do creative stuff when you're an adult can bring up some surprisingly strong reactions. Somewhere, down in the murk that is the not-easily-understood bits of us, there are rather strong brakes that try to stop us from doing creative things. We might feel silly, or childish. We might feel like we're wasting our time (as if sitting in front of the TV somehow isn't that). Being creative can feel exposing and make us feel vulnerable in ways that are sometimes surprising in their strength.

Fiona Claire understands the fears that surround the act of creating stuff. She is a singer-songwriter as well as a counsellor and is providing a workshop next Sunday, 23rd March 2013 in Northcote, to help loosen you up a little. Over two hours you will explore with her tips to unlock your own creativity and explore some of the stories we tell ourselves about the creative process.

Fiona will help you explore how indulging in creativity will make you a stronger person and lead to greater self-discovery.

After all that hard work, a guided meditation will help you relax and learn how to more easily access that creative space that's in all of us.

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