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Creative Therapy College


Posted 2020-12-05 by Mayfollow
No one can argue that 2020 hasn't had its drawbacks, some bigger than others. Having recently retired, my activities, other than travel plans and visits to the theatre, have not really been curtailed.

Unfortunately, the study programs into which I enrolled in order to keep the brain active did not sit well with the pandemic mindset. Both courses covered subject matter, in which I have a keen interest but are in no way mentally uplifting. I need uplifting at the moment and so my studies had been placed on hold until we get a better idea of the "new normal"

When social media started throwing interesting little bones at me, little bones that "spoke" to me, I was motivated to investigate further. See here.

Look at this:

There is something powerful about a self-portrait. Whether painting or photograph. When we look at ourselves, we search our features for hints at who we think we are. But what if a self-portrait, instead of revealing our outer nature, actually revealed your inner natureā€¦ just as Dorian Gray's self-portrait revealed his inner nature. Would you be comfortable sharing it with others?

Those who know me will confirm that I am in no way the "touchy-feely" type yet this resonated necessitating more investigation.

The is a small Brisbane based College "specialising in creative therapy for personal or professional development aiming to inspire and motivate to embrace creative approaches to health and wellness." All courses are online.

Well, I thought to myself, this makes a change from baking and paint by numbers, doesn't it!

I proceeded to the where I printed the three FREE Creative Prompt Worksheets : Inner Child, Colour Play, and Artistic Imprints. These were fun and insightful as well as reflective (without the mung beans and pyramid).

There is also a FREE e-book available from the website with the title 7 Days of Creative Therapy. I'm currently working through this and finding it stimulating as it better suits my current headspace.

I recently spoke to Anne Abernethy, College founder and creative, who has Bachelor of Communication, specialising in journalism and writing. She has worked in the personal development field for close to a decade and during that time specialised in course development.

She states that she "loves making theories tangible to people, and enjoy providing them with tools to understand themselves better, and to trust their own healing processes. I am a firm believer in holistic health (mind, body, spirit), and of using the power of creativity and intuitive knowledge to create a life that has meaning and purpose"

I'm looking at enrolling in a short course in the New Year as a Christmas gift to myself. For me, at this time, it beats programs about balance sheets and chronic disease.

What do you think?

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