Creative Crafts - Museum Family Activity

Creative Crafts - Museum Family Activity


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Sat 07 Oct 2023

Get crafty!

There are lots of paper crafts to keep people busy. It's springtime already and the flowers are blooming. Flowers die, but paper flowers are a wonderful way to keep things pretty all year around. It's not just paper crafts, there will also be flower presses to keep kids and adults alike interested in the crafty world of flowers! This is mainly aimed at children, but families are welcome to take part all together and to make memories together. Head to the Subiaco Library for the Creative Crafts- Museum Family Activities sessions.

The Subiaco Library is going to show you how to make intricate paper crafts. There will be lots of simple flowers and bouquets to create. You can learn these beautiful skills and be able to make them over and over again and fill your home with beautiful paper flowers. Give them as a gift or spray perfume on them to make a gorgeous scented decorative piece.

At the same time, if you take some real flowers with you, then you will be able to use the flower press too. You can create bookmarks or flowers that will last forever if they are pressed. These flowers are lovely on the front of a card, or you can even laminate them or put them in resin and use them as a bookmark. The flowers will be delicate and easily crushed but they will look the same for a lot longer than a fresh flower.

This is a completely free event but you will have to book in if you want to take part. The flowers are going to be a hit with kids of all ages. And the kids are going to really love being able to make the bouquets with you and the rest of their families. Make it a group event! If you all make one flower, you will also be able to put them together into a bouquet at the end of the session, and that will be the perfect family bouquet to keep and remember.

Make sure to book tickets, even though this is free. There are only certain amounts of tickets available as they are going to be very popular. If you do book in, you will want to head to the Subiaco Library on Saturday, 7th of October. The class starts at 10 am and will be completed by 12 pm. Then by the afternoon, you will be able to have thousands of flowers all around your home!

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