Crazy Australian Events

Crazy Australian Events


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Let's face it, Australians love to have a good time. That is why there are so many wonderfully quirky events to be experienced in our country. Please enjoy this list of events that caught my attention.

Goanna Pulling Championships
What: Just to clarify, no actual Goannas are used in this event. Goanna pulling is like a tug of war with head straps and each contestant faces each other with there bellies to the ground.
Where: Wooli, Goanna Mountain
When: October

Maslin Beach Nude Olympics :
What: Adults and children compete in the buff in disciplines such as doughnut eating, best bum, sack race, tug of war, three legged races to name a few. Participants may remain clothed, however naturism encourages the alternative.
Where: Pilwarren
When: January

Lasseters Camel Cup Carnival
What: This crazy and highly entertaining event attracts over 5000 people annually to the site of this dusty track where people ride and race camels. There are many other things going on over the course of the day including belly dancing, rickshaw races, food stalls and bars.
Where: Alice Springs
When: July

Birdsville Races
What: An annual event held over two days where horses and their jockeys compete in the outback. This event is soaked with historical significance for this small town that has a current population of 120 people.
Where: Birdsville
When: September

Winton Outback Festival
What: There are many activities happening over the 5 festival days here in Winton (which is home of the Waltzing Matilda song). By far the quirkiest event to take place is the 'Dunny Derby'. Here people make an outhouse (otherwise known as a toilet) and then race it. Quite the spectacle!
Where: Winton
When: September

Tunarama , Port Lincoln –
What: An annual event originally established to promote the tuna industry. Those fit enough to compete will rival each other to see who can throw the tuna the furthest.
Where: Port Lincoln
When: January

Evandale Village Fair
What: Noted as the largest annual event to race antique bikes (by the Guinness World Records), this penny farthing championship attracts many people to spectate and compete.
Where: Evandale
When: February

Goomeri Pumpkin Roll
What: Rolling pumpkins down a hill is what this event is about! During a period of mass drought and water shortage in the early 1900's, the town decided a festival was in order to boost morale and the economy. Since the area was well known for pumpkins, using them in a festival seemed like the best idea. Many other events happen throughout the day as well.
Where: Goomeri
When: May

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