Crash Landing on You - TV Series Reviews

Crash Landing on You - TV Series Reviews


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Yoon Se-ri (played by Son Ye-jin) is a very successful businesswoman in South Korea. Even though she was born into a chaebol (conglomerate) family, Se-ri doesn’t want to join her father's business, and instead, she builds her own business. Without help from her family, she managed to grow her own business empire.

One day, Se-ri goes paragliding to try one of her sports clothing lines. However, the weather wasn’t on her side and a gusty wind blew her and made her land on the North Korean border. Captain Ri Jeong-hyeok (played by Hyun Bin), the only son of the Director of the General Political Bureau in North Korea, is on patrol in the area and finds Se-ri stuck up in a tree.

Despite Se-ri giving him attitude on their first encounter, Jeong-hyeok still decides to help her escape from the north by pointing a way out to the south border. But Se-ri takes the wrong turn and ends up at the military village where Jeong-hyeok is posted.

A lot of funny things happen when Jeong-hyeok tries to hide Se-ri from the north official who would assume Se-ri is a spy from the south. One of Jeong-hyeok comrades treats Se-ri harshly as he thinks Se-ri is a spy, but the other four of Jeong-yeok’s closest friends treat Se-ri as their sister and try their best to hide Se-ri from officials, as well as help Jeong-hyeok to bring Se-ri back to the south.

With all the trouble that they had to face to bring Se-ri back to Seoul, Se-ri was able to go back home safely. But one of the corrupt military officers who has a grudge against Jeong-hyeok and his family tracks Se-ri in Seoul and tries to kidnap her back to the north to show everyone what Jeong-hyeok had done - smuggling their country’s enemy.

Released in 2019, Crash Landing on You is one of the very successful Korean dramas, especially after being streamed internationally. Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin's screen chemistry continued off-screen and they got married in 2022.

Although at the beginning of each of these 16 episodes drama states that all characters, incidents, organisations, and backgrounds are fictitious, we still can see a glimpse of life in North Korea. There is a scene showing that it is normal for military officers to check someone's house in order to find out whether they own illegal things. It’s not illicit substances, but more things that can be bought from South Korea. As a result, there are lots of South Korean products sold in the black market. Wiretapping someone is also apparently a common thing there.

When you watch this drama, make sure you watch the epilogue at the end of each episode as it will give you more information about how and why things happen with Jeong-hyeok and Se-ri as well as making connections from one episode to another.

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