Cozy Spa, Batu Belig

Cozy Spa, Batu Belig


Posted 2017-05-17 by Karen Rossfollow
I have been Cozy's hugest fan for almost ten years but having to battle with traffic along Jalan Sunset each time I visit has started to test my loyalty a little. So imagine my excitement when I heard that Cozy was opening a brand new spa located at Batu Belig on what is, at least for now, a relatively uncongested main road.

The best thing about Cozy is that you don't get the ad-hockery of those beach massages, complete with sand, or those massages in small shops with dubious therapists. You know exactly what you'll get at Cozy because there is a menu and all therapists are trained to deliver each menu item in exactly the same way; a set technique for each therapy.

You'd be excused for thinking you were in the wrong location if you arrive at number 77 Batu Belig Road and see a restaurant. You have to walk through no less than two restaurants to get to Cozy Spa. Do not let this deter you. Your ultimate destination is worth it.

It's advisable to book as Cozy is popular and you may have to wait a while if you just front up unannounced.

The staff on reception are business-like but super efficient. You'll need to pay up front but staff will explain that if you are unhappy with your treatment within the first 20 minutes you can stop the proceedings and receive a full refund.

Once you have 'checked in', paid and, for some therapies, chosen music and aromatherapy oils (Foot Fetish) you will meet your therapist (choose male or female), collect a locker key and then head to the inner sanctum.

Unlike some of the dodgier massage 'shops', Cozy is spotlessly clean and quietly calm. There's a dimly-lit, central corridor with rooms to one side.

If you have ordered a 'Foot Fetish' (one and a half hours of foot heaven), you'll be shown to a comfy armchair facing a tranquil fish tank.

If you've chosen one of many body massages, you'll be shown to a cubicle and a comfy massage bed.

Your therapist will quietly show you the secure locker beneath the bed, then retreat while you disrobe to your underwear and prepare to be pampered.

My most favourite therapy (although it's hard to choose) is the one and a half hour Cozy Dream. The therapist begins by gently rocking your whole body from side to side on the massage bed, then applying pressure to your back and legs before systematically massaging a body section at a time. I know the routine so well I sometimes walk myself through it in my mind when I can't sleep.

Sadly all good things must end, as will your massage, but there's one more treat to look forward to - ginger tea. You can, in fact, choose from ginger tea, hot chocolate or water but for me, it's always the tea. Just seems the perfect ending to a delightful massage in my world.

If you are like me you'll find yourself floating out of Cozy in a dreamy fashion. Sometimes I'm sharp enough to make another appointment before leaving.

The prices at Cozy are not cheap by Indonesian standards at around Rp109.000 - R299.000 (around $11-$30 Aud). They have also started charging that pesky 12.5% government tax recently too. However the prices are set, so no having to bargain, and the quality is excellent.

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