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Courtyard New York Manhattan/Times Square West

The Courtyard New York Manhattan is a great place to stay when you are in the big city. It has a lot of well-thought-out features that make it a top choice for guests who are visiting the Big Apple. There are many different features at the Courtyard New York Manhattan hotel that make it a popular choice among visitors. These features range from the nice rooms and easy access to all the places of interest in the city to the wonderful pool and spa area.

There are many different kinds of rooms that you can stay at the Courtyard New York Manhattan. Each of these rooms is stylish and comfortable. You can choose from guest rooms, studio apartments, loft suites, and even villas if you are looking for an extra-large room or suite. All of the rooms offer privacy and space.

The pool area of the Courtyard New York Manhattan hotel offers a very relaxing Jacuzzi and outdoor pool area. This allows you to have a fun swimming experience while relaxing at the same time. There is a full-scale swimming pool in the hotel that you can use during the summer months. If you would like to stay at a hotel that also offers amazing pool views, then the Courtyard New York Manhattan is the perfect choice for you.

Another popular choice of rooms at the Courtyard New York Manhattan hotel is the Standard and Anniversary Suites. These suites offer many different types of rooms. You can choose from single, double, and triple-suite rooms. The suites also offer additional storage areas. If you want more space, you can upgrade to a larger room.

The penthouse suites are a popular choice with guests who like to have their own privacy. These rooms offer the best views of the New York City skyline. The base of the hotel is directly above the water level of the pool. The penthouse suites offer full privacy and the ultimate in luxury. You can dine at a fine dining restaurant right on the New York Water Tower or enjoy stunning views of the city through the many glass windows.

The Beach Club New York Hotel is another popular choice for guest rooms. The beach club is a great place to party after a day of hard work at work. Many of the guest rooms offer spectacular views of the sunset. If you are looking for private moments alone you can book a private bedroom for your stay. The beach club has many bars and restaurants located nearby, so you will be able to stay active during your stay.

The West Side Lagoon is another great hotel for guest rooms. The West Side Lagoon offers an awesome view of New York City. Many of the guest rooms are near beautiful places to eat so you will not need to worry about getting a good meal during your visit to the hotel. The West Side Lagoon has been voted the top beach hotel in the US by Travel & Leisure magazine.

In the lobby of each of these hotels, there is a complimentary coffee service for guests to use when they enter the hotel. There are many different types of rooms that are available at this location. If you are looking for a private bedroom, you can make your request using the online form.

When it comes to shopping, you will find that there is a huge variety of shops located right next to all of the guest rooms in the Courtyard New York Manhattan hotel. If you enjoy fine jewelry, then you will love what the New York Jewelers say about their gold and silver jewelry. You can also buy watches and other beautiful jewelry for your own personal enjoyment. You can dine at a wonderful restaurant that serves both casual and formal dining. You will also find that there are many movie screenings located right next to the Courtyard New York Manhattan hotel.

If you are looking for a great place to stay and spend the night then consider booking one of the rooms that are available at the Courtyard New York Manhattan hotel. This is a great hotel that offers many luxurious features. These features include a state-of-the-art business center, a large swimming pool, a restaurant that serves lunch and dinner, a conference center that can be accessed by the elevator, and many conference rooms that are fully equipped with flat-screen televisions, telephones, and other modern amenities. The hotel offers twenty-four-hour room service and you can walk to the United Nations from each of the hotel's six elevators.

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