Corporate Team-building Activities in Singapore

Corporate Team-building Activities in Singapore


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Got an upcoming birthday, family get-together or corporate event in Singapore? Then look no further than the fabulous collection of fun equipment, you can rent or organise, as listed below.

1. Multi-Function Meeting Rooms

The perfect venue for parents to organise meetings, host birthday parties or even hold a corporate workshop, the private room at 'Let em Play' is all-inclusive. Enjoy air-conditioned comforts and furniture which can be easily moved around and re-arranged to suit your needs.

Besides, the place has a glass viewing gallery, perfect for parents to host a meeting while keeping an eye on the kids, and providing them with a playroom to keep them occupied. Very popular amongst parents, wanting to host or join workshops or seminars, without the worry of finding babysitters, this space is up for bookings on the official website and can be rented in 4 hour blocks.

2. Rent Out a Bloop Bubble

Bloop Bubble soccer is just as fun as it sounds; the perfect carnival game, the bloop balls can be used to organise a variety of games. The perfect tools for tuning adults into little kids, and letting little kids have a whale of a time, the bubbles are safe and loads of laughs; especially if you go and organise a bloop-ball soccer game.

This is a kind of oversized transparent beach ball, large enough to fit over the torso of an adult, leaving them standing up looking like an egg with legs. Bumping into each other with these blown up balls protecting you will produce lots of chuckles and create the perfect set of memories.

3. Try Your Hand at Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting

A very fun event, which can be enjoyed by the young and old, a laser clay pigeon shooting stint is an ideal activity for a party, corporate fun event or carnival. As the game has five players shooting at the same time, the sport can be turned into an exciting competition.

Rest assured, as all equipment is of the highest quality standards, and all safety protocols are adhered to. The actual shooting does not emit any harm causing shafts; instead, it works on an infra-red system, including a real-time feedback sound as soon as the clay discs are hit.

4. Roll Around in a Land Zovb

Ever wonder how much fun a hamster enjoys within those little bubble balls? Well wonder no more, the next time you are enjoying a holiday in Singapore, or decide to organise a carnival, party etc. consider renting out a Zovb ball, which lets you roll around on land in real hamster style.

5. Score with an Earth Ball

The perfect team builder game and very popular amongst corporate event organisers, Earth Ball is a larger than average sized football, which must be rolled into the opponent's goal, as a team effort.

The ball can also be used at performances, where you are looking to awe the audience, with something outlandish, getting the crowds to join in and help roll the humongous ball.

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