10 Coronavirus Life Hacks

10 Coronavirus Life Hacks


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Coronavirus is here, but life goes on. There are lots of little things you can do to make life easier. Here are some of my pandemic life hacks that include things like cooking, shopping, personal hygiene, kids, making money and more.

1. Cooking

No pasta or rice in the shops. What are you going to use to make dinner? You can do a lot with some flour. With self-raising flour, I can make tortillas, or with plain flour, I can make crepes. Both are great for wrapping up some food to eat, with savoury crepes being the most fancy and tortillas the more trendy.

2. Shopping

The supermarket shelves are not bare, but all the good stuff is gone. I haven't eaten pasta in weeks, my toilet paper supply is dwindling and all the garlic has been bought by people boiling it in water and drinking that concoction with the hope that it will protect them from infection.

But all you have to do is shop outside of supermarkets. Big-W and K-mart both sell lots of household items, including toilet paper. I picked up soap from the discount store, cheap red lentils from the India store, and a few other items from a Korean store. It is especially good to shop at locally owned businesses and support them during this difficult time.

3. Finding work

Restaurants are closed and many people are looking for a quick job. Try going to your favourite job site and type in Immediate Start for places hiring right now.

4. Teaching kids to be Coronavirus safe

Shouting at your kids to stop touching their face is probably not going to work. But playing games about not touching their faces are fun to try. Get them to do a task, and see how long they can do it without touching their face. There will be giggles and learning.

5. Getting to work

If you have a job which you still have to go in for, the danger is taking the bus, train or ferry to work. But if you work in the city centres, it can be hard to avoid public transportation. But what you can do instead is find cheap parking as close as possible to your work, and walk or cycle the rest of the way. Some cities are even waving parking fees and fines.

6. Help Others

The easiest way to help others at the moment is to donate to food banks. There are lots of people out there struggling to pay the rent, let alone put food on the table. Food banks are running out of food to help those in need. Unless you have a hoard of canned food that you realise that you don't actually need, it is better to donate money.

If you are time rich but money poor, you might want to volunteer. But most places are already swamped with more volunteers than they can onboard in such a short time. Instead, help people through your local network. This can mean finding a local place that needs help, like a nearby church running a food bank or kitchen. But you can also provide help and support to people in your network. This means doing a supermarket run for someone in self-isolation or taking a friend's kids who are out of school while they have to work.

7. Personal Hygiene

We are told that we must stop touching our faces, after all, this is how we can both pickup and spread Coronavirus. Of course, this is really hard to do. Doctors are trained not to touch their face during surgery and they have nurses to dab their foreheads for sweat as well as scratch their noses if they need it.

One way is to have a clean vs dirty hand. Handle things with your left hand, rub your eyes with your right hand. This is an easier habit to master than not touching your face.

8. Making money on the side

A lot of people are currently out of work with little chance of getting any more at the moment as everyone is applying for the few places that are hiring. But if you are getting government support, then you can still make some money on the side. One of the easiest ways to do this is to sell things online. It doesn't matter if you are selling that tent you haven't used in 2 years, or fun and colourful facemasks, there are lots of ways to sell. Remember, sell online only, rather than holding garage sales or other ways to sell in person.

9. Mental Health

I think there are two big mental health challenges. The first is being alone for extended periods of time. In this case, one of the best ways is to have a hobby. This will give you purpose, have something to talk about with people online, and has been shown to be good for mental health.

The other is where you are cooped up with people all day and every day. This can be especially hard for anyone living in a share apartment. At least with a house, you can sit in the garden. Until there is an official lockdown, the best way to protect our mental health is go for a walk every day . In suburban environments, this is safe with a very low risk of Coronavirus exposure, especially if you practice good social distancing.

10. Learning about Coronavirus

This is more of a don't. Don't believe anything your friend forwards you by email or on Facebook. Especially don't believe anything that asks you to tell everyone. If it was real information it would be in the news or on government websites. They don't publish health alerts by asking you to pass them on to others on Facebook.

Your Coronavirus life hacks

If you are doing anything that makes your life easier at this time, please share it with me in the comments. There are probably lots of different Coronahacks that people are doing that can help people even a little at this difficult time.

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