Corner 75 Hungarian Restaurant

Corner 75 Hungarian Restaurant


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Located at 75 Frenchmans road Randwick stands the small and very unique Corner 75 restaurant. Taken straight out of Hungary this traditionally European themed restaurant serves all the Hungarian favourites including some of the most known Chicken paprika and goulash which are cooked and prepared by Chef Csaba Cserfalvi.

Corner 75 has been open for 20 years and it is decorated with lots of traditional Hungarian touches from embroidered aprons to whips. A candle holder that also holds salt, white pepper and paprika sits on the table. Pictures of the Hungarian Presidents line the walls to the bathrooms upstairs.

Corner 75 is open Tuesday - Sunday from 5:30pm to 9:00pm. Yes that means for dinner only and it is probably better you make a booking to ensure that you and your company get a seat as it is quite a small restaurant. There is rear parking available and also street parking.

The main meals range from $16 to $25 and desserts at just $7.50. There is a wide range of Hungarian and continental food for you to choose from.

The image above is that of the Hungarian Langosh which is a traditional garlic bread you would have before or with a meal like we do with garlic bread. During the long winters when Hungarians needed substantial snacks to keep their bodies fueled, a potato dough fried in Lard was a good choice. The smell is heavenly; they are smeared with the juice of a cut garlic clove and eaten warm. We shared one serving between three people and it was more than enough.

The image above is of the very traditional Chicken Paprika or Chicken Paprikash (paprikascsirke), as it is traditionally called, which is a delicious Hungarian dish. It is traditionally made with chicken, onions, and paprika sauteed in lard, thickened with sour cream or heavy cream, and served over spƤtzle (a type of egg noodle) with some vegetables. All I have to say is absolutely delicious. This is the meal that myself and a couple of my other friends choose. Whenever I go I choose between this and the goulash as both are very yummy meals.

If you want a real challenge you have got to try this veal knuckle. It was huge. I mean huge. It's very hard to tell in this photo just how big it was. It is slow roasted and the meat literally falls off the giant bone when you touch it. This is served with a side of relish cooked in Hungarian sauces and spices, with creamy mash potato and a few vegetables.

It is good to visit Corner 75 in the colder seasons as most of the food is good to fill your tummy with on a cold winter's night as they are full of warm flavours. But in saying that, there is never a right time to go as you can always make time for some traditional Hungarian food.

Remember, make a booking before you go to ensure that you get a table. There aren't many Hungarian restaurants around but you can't miss out on this experience.

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