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The was originally called the Ford Camera Club. It was formed in June 1954 by a group of Ford employees in Geelong. The name was changed in 1977 to reflect the fact that it had spread outside of Ford and into the broader community.

has just celebrated its 60th Anniversary with an Exhibition at their meeting place, Osbourne House, Swinburne St, North Geelong. The Exhibition featured member's photographs and photographic memorabilia.

Entry to the Exhibition was free and visitors were able to have a portrait taken at the Exhibition for a gold coin donation. The Exhibition was held during the Queen's Birthday long weekend, with photos on display from the 7th June to the 9th June. I went down to Osbourne House on Monday to have a look. The member photographs were excellent with some high quality items on display. The camera memorabilia was worth a look too, with a few old box cameras on display.

The First Meeting of the Ford Camera Club

On June 3rd 1954, a group of Ford Employees met in the Ford Recreation Club Rooms. The meeting was to discuss forming a camera club. There were 10 people present at the first meeting.

A motion was moved and seconded that a camera club be formed. A committee was formed. The evening ended with a general discussion of photography. Now sixty years later, the is still meeting regularly and discussing photography, stills, monochrome, framing, computer software, lighting and more.

Join the

If you're a keen photographer, and you enjoy photography, joining the may be a great way to display your art. There are club competitions held every month, with different themes and challenges, or set subject competitions.

Generally an external judge will be invited to assess member's work, and it's great to hear the judges comments about the photos which have been entered.

As a member of the you can enter two sections. Prints and Digital Projected Images. The prints are framed and put up for display on the night of judging. The digital projected images are displayed on an overhead projector.

As I've only just joined the myself, I haven't entered any of my work into any competitions yet. I still have a bit of a learning curve about entries, how to enter, resizing images, framing, etc. There is more information about entering competitions on the website.

Why join a camera club? To meet people. To share your photographs and skill. To learn about different perspectives on taking photographs. To enter competitions.

also participates in inter-club competitions each year against local camera clubs and also against clubs as far away as Perth, WA, the USA, and New Zealand.

Meeting Days for

Visitors and new members are always welcome. Meetings are held on the 2nd, 4th and 5th Thursday of the month. Meetings are held from January to November in the camera club rooms at Osbourne House, Swinburne Street, North Geelong.

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