Conversations With Richard Fidler

Conversations With Richard Fidler


Posted 2015-12-09 by Myrtle Pasqualifollow
'Conversations with Richard Fidler' is a show on ABC Radio. Richard, and his guest interviewers, have introduced me to many people with fascinating lives. For example, Bruce White, whose mum let him put a beehive with glass sides in his bedroom, when he was a kid (guess what I want for Christmas), and to Australian comic, Magda Subanski, who revealed that her father was a teenage assassin during the war. Interviews like these, can be downloaded onto a USB stick for free (see instructions below), and make a wonderful gift for anyone who has a USB socket in their vehicle. Getting stuck in city traffic has been a lot easier to tolerate since my partner did this for me, and some of the conversations are so interesting, I find myself lingering in my car, after I reach my destination.

There are hundreds of interviews to choose from, and people from all walks of life, talk about every topic imaginable. Some of my favourites have been Carmel Harrington, a scientist who shared her expertise on sleep (I never knew that lack of sleep was associated with gaining weight); Martin McKenna, who ran away from home at age 13, and lived with a pack of stray dogs; Ian Brown, who talked with raw honesty about raising a child with a disability; Sandy McFarlane, a psychiatrist, who discussed his life, and his work with people who have lived through terrifying experiences, and Sandy Mackinnon, a teacher, who travelled down a river in England, in his dinghy, to visit a friend, and then decided to keep going, across the English Channel, and through the waterways of Europe. Marvellous.

I listen to these conversations whenever I'm in the car. They are especially good for longer trips, and entertain us on those long boring stretches of road between towns. It's not just famous people who get interviewed either. The ABC have a ' suggest a guest ' form on their website, so if you have a family member, or friend, with an interesting story, you can nominate them.

All you need is access to a computer, a USB stick (8GB costs under $10), and time to select the conversations of interest. Here's how. Click here to browse guests of the program. (1) Left-click on the guest of interest (2) A new window should open up. Right-click on the 'download audio' link. (3) Left-click on 'save link as …'. (4) Choose an option from the 'save in' box (select your USB). (5) Left-click on 'Save' and wait (some take longer to download than others). (6) Remove USB from computer, plug into USB socket in car, select the USB option, and enjoy.

You can also check whether a particular person has been interviewed, by selecting ' Guests A-Z' . Conversations with particular themes such as crime have been grouped together, and can be accessed by clicking on the ' Playlists ' link.

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