Contemporary Tango at Theatre Odeon

Contemporary Tango at Theatre Odeon


Posted 2013-12-14 by Marta Pinfollow
Yesterday night was freezing cold and there were banks of fog everywhere. So, what would have been the best choice to get a little bit warmer? Go to theatre to see a Tango show! The location of the event was Latisana, a small town near Udine, Italy .

The hall of the theatre was very crowded, thus the attendance was high, the tickets for the parterre seats cost €22 euro, while the seats in the balcony cost €17.

I do not know much about tango, I remember several steps from TVs programmes, good or mediocre, such as "Dancing with the Stars" and so on, thus I was expecting something very powerful and masculine. Since the beginning all the choreographies seemed softer than real tango's. However, the twelve dancers were beautiful and able to involve the audience in a whole sensual and emotional atmosphere.

Six females and six males were shifting in duets and even trio, in a mixing of love, jealousy, courted women and impertinent suitors, on a small stage in which the scenic design was simple but, in any case, with a strong effect. There was a mirror on the wall behind them, as to reflect the black spirals of the stage floor, twelve colourful wooden chairs (green, orange, pink and bronze) and six columns, three each side of the stage.

When they started the performance I was frankly quite shocked, as they began to undressed themselves, until the females remained in their bodysuits and the male in their underwear. My first thought was: is this tango? Then I realised that that was done in order to introduce the audience to a different vision of Contemporary Tango (as the title of the show quoted), that eventually demonstrated its erotic nature as it is.

Elegance. I was mesmerised by the elegance the dancers' sinuous figures exhibited, whether they were barefoot or they wore the sparkling high heels. Amazing! Even the boys performed fifteen minutes with red stilettos on; they put everyone in a charming sweet rapture of appreciation. Also, I have to praise with the director and the choreographer, Milena Zullo.

Dreams, desires, oblivions, passions and all the shades of the soul were played pretty well by the members of the Balletto di Roma, on the music of Great Astor Piazzolla, Anibal Troilo and others, with the final pieces, in my opinion, that - because of the slight comic mood they have reached towards the end - recall chords of swing.

Indeed, it was Contemporary Tango!

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