Conscious Life Festival & Kids Culture

Conscious Life Festival & Kids Culture


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The Conscious Life Festival , the coast's carnival of "mind, body and soul", has finished up for another year sending home the inspired euphoric hearts of the thousands who attended.A record-high number of exhibitors, festival fans, organisers and performers from the weekend are already making plans for next year's return having experienced first hand the magic and power of a two-day carnival unlike any other on the coast."It was an incredible weekend, the atmosphere was just electric and everybody involved has just raved about being a part of it," Event organiser Laura Di Mambro said.
It's been five months since Mother Nature forced the re-scheduling of the event originally planned in March, and Ms Di Mambro explains it was well worth the wait."It's a must-see Queensland event for a public looking for educational and interactive health and well-being events for the entire family, and has the power to evolve into further extending the coast's reputation as a festival destination."Highlights from the weekend included Phil and Chiho's armonica sound healing workshop with their "glass harmonica", Leanne O'Neill "The Barefoot Medium," and the hugely popular homecoming of Sacred Earth.The band duo Jethro and a serene heavily pregnant Prem Williams, having just returned from Bali, spoke of the peace and inspiration they drew from the huge crowd in the lead up to the birth of their baby in the next few weeks.
The much-anticipated "Kids Culture" - a two day children carnival within the festival - was a huge hit with Jembe Johnno's drum circle and Maryke Love's flea circus putting as many smiles on the faces of the big kids as it did on the little ones. Keeping the momentum going were the festival's food and beverage vendors, with local businesses like "Got the Blenz", "Tasty Thai" and "Coconut Lovers" keeping energy levels on a vitamin-infused natural high.A huge standouts was the wares of local businesses, with festival-goers unable to get enough of the inspired and unforgettable art, jewellery, clothing and services designed and created by local exhibitors."We can't wait to return again in 2015 bigger and better," Ms Di Mambro said.

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