Commix Espresso Celebrates 30 Years of Service

Commix Espresso Celebrates 30 Years of Service


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Wed 22 Aug 2018

Popped into Commix Espresso for a cuppa this morning to be greeted by an excited manager. John was trumpeting the news of a 30-year celebration of the tenancy held by the Red Cross of this thriving little cafe. Don't know the what, where, or why of Commix? Let me explain.

Red Cross has a long history of helping those in need. During World War Two, they operated a canteen for the armed services in Brisbane, providing comfort for the men and women at war. Now their cafe in the basement of City Hall is not only providing excellent refreshments at the right price to all comers, but is supporting those who are homeless through the distribution of excess food and training the jobless and people with a disability in the hospitality industry.

The staff are always obliging and never seem to have a spare moment with the popularity of this establishment growing every day, particularly through word of mouth by satisfied customers. As someone who has a lot of contact with visiting backpackers, I know how much they appreciate the great value brekkie options on offer.

Much has been achieved in the past 30 years and the Red Cross wants to share the good news through an open day celebration. The Lord Mayor will be in attendance at 9am to help recount the history of this "little business that could", and folk who have benefited from its community spirit will tell their stories.

As with any birthday party, there will be fun and surprises. Expect discounts on your food purchases. No pass the parcel but participate in a game involving trauma teddies. And what's a birthday without cake? A well-known identity will be handing out slices of the birthday delicacy around 9am.

I had another surprise when visiting this morning. A lady enquired about my Brisbane Greeters uniform and then told me that she and her daughter are the centrepiece of the 1968 photographic scene in the restroom.

What a serendipitous meeting. My husband always maintains that you never say anything bad about anybody in Brisbane as you never know to whom you are talking. How right he is. Two point four million Brisbane people and I run into a Red Cross pinup girl. If you know of anyone who is featured in this historic photo, please tell them they will be guests of honour at the celebrations. Red Cross would love to hear from them. They can contact Isabel by emailing [email protected] or phone 0403 863 806.

The thirty-year celebration is appropriately held in Seniors Week on Wednesday August 22 from 9.00am to 2.30pm. John assures me that, contrary to the flyer, no RSVP is required. Come one, come all.

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