Come and Hug Me

Come and Hug Me


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Come and Hug Me is one of 2018 nominees for Best Drama Series at the Asian Television Awards. Starring Jang Ki-yong, Jin Ki-joo and Huh Joon-ho, this drama series is span 12 years of a love story between Yoon Na-moo (played by actor Jang Ki-yong) and Gil Nak-won (played by actress Jin Ki-joo).

Gil Nak-won and her family were moving to a small town to be away from flashing cameras because her mum was a popular actress. In this small town, Nak-won met Na-moo, a boy about her age, who lived with his step mum and his dad. Later on, it revealed that Na-moo’s dad was a serial killer who took away someone's life just because he could.

One rainy night, Na-moo's father Yoon Hee-jae, came across Nak-won’s lost dog and decided to bring the dog to his place. When Nak-won realised that her dog was missing, she wandered around the neighbourhood in order to find the dog. Fate brought her to Na-moo’s backyard where she found her dog in a cage inside Yoon Hee-jae’s shade. Yoon Hee-jae twisted the fact that he actually didn't want to harm the dog when confronted by Na-moo. This incident leads to the murder of Nak-won's parents by the heartless serial killer, Yoon Hee-jae. Before Yoon Hee-jae had a chance to kill Nak-won, Na-moo came to rescue her and handed his own father to the police.

Years later, Gil Nak-won concealed her true identity, after the shock murder case of her popular mother, and changed her name to Han Jae-yi. Han Jae-yi turned into an aspiring actress (like her mother before her) who always tries to have a good outlook on life but also has a panic disorder from her traumatic past. On the other side, Yoon Na-moo, also decided to change his name to Chae Do-jin, was a rookie detective who wishes to atone for his father's sins.

Fate brought Han Jae-yi and Chae Do-jin to meet again when a killer imitate Yoon Hee-jae’s killing method by using an axe to end his victim. This serial killer sent an axe covered with blood to Han Jae-yi and forced Han Jae-yi to get extra protection from the police. Chae Do-jin decided to take this case and protected his high school lover from a psychopath that brought back Han Jae-yi’s nightmare.

Who was this killer and would Do-jin find the culprit and save Jae-yi? This Korean drama will give you an unpredicted ending and is worth to binge watch. Until the end, there's no explanation for why Yoon Hee-jae became a serial killer. But Heo Jun-Ho received Golden Acting from 2018 MBC Drama Awards for portraying the serial killer Yoon Hee-jae. Also, Jang Ki-Yong amazing acting in this drama gave him Best New Actor for the 2019 Baek Sang TV Award.



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