Colossi by Scott Wings

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Posted 2015-05-08 by Kitty Goodallfollow

Thu 07 May 2015 - Sun 24 May 2015

What happens when you kill your imagination? Which are the right words to say to save your skin? How do you defeat the giants of negativity? The delightfully energetic and imaginative show [i]Colossi[/i] asks these questions and more, atop a slim, ghostly white bridge on a hidden rainforest path in Highgate Hill.

When you enter the show via a murky cement stairway that's overhung with dark green foliage, a damp, earthy smell pervades the air and colourful fairy lights guide your way to comfortable cushions and colourful crochet rugs artfully strewn across the bridge. The very necessary mozzie-coil-smoke filled air adds an extra touch of magic to [i]Colossi[/i], the one man show that is playing as part of Brisbane's avant-garde [i]Anywhere Theatre Festival[/i] until the 24th of May.

Performer Scott Wings took about a year to work up [i]Colossi[/i] from initial idea to fruition. On opening night, pre-show he was rearing to go and full of energy.

"I just can't wait to play," he said.

I must admit, 'play' is such an appropriate word for [i]Colossi[/i]. Part scripted, part improvised and entirely imaginative, the show is perfect for kidults such as myself; people who love to indulge their inner child, those for whom imagination is sacrosanct, the folk who love flights of fancy.

In [i]Colossi[/i], Scott and his imaginary friend Jack speak in rhyme to fairies, eat giant tacos and battle all manner of monsters, with Scott giving Jack the tools he needs to beat their foes. These tools come in the form of words.

"Words are amazing! You can do anything with words!" cries Jack during a moment of triumph, as he rides a dragon through the sky.

I'm a word nerd, so that particular theme of the show had me 100% hooked. But don't be mistaken. It's not all whimsy and fairy lights and random night time rainforest sounds. In the dénouement, when you think Scott has put all of his heart in soul into the show, and he couldn't possibly have anything left in the tank, he goes a step further, exposing his raw inner demons, questioning everything, but ultimately winning his battles.

Scott Wings knows how to engage and entertain the crowd, to bring you on his journey. He's in Brisbane again after his award nominated, sold out season at the [i]Edinburgh Fringe Festival[/i]. This is Scott's third year performing in the [i]Anywhere Theatre Festival[/i]. Some of you may recall him from his acclaimed 2014 masterpiece [i]Icarus Falling[/i].

If you believe in fairies and giants, trolls and dragons, or you even just [i]want[/i] to believe, book now for [i]Colossi[/i]. A hot tip for finding the venue: enter High street via Bower street and drive to the end of the cul-de-sac. You'll find an Anywhere Theatre Festival banner at the top of some stairs which lead to the venue.

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