Cold Chisel: Blood Moon - CD Review

Cold Chisel: Blood Moon - CD Review


Posted 2019-12-16 by Steven Gfollow
A new Cold Chisel album. I can already hear the critics, the fans of Chisel from the 70s/80s, asking why they won't let it go. Well, I'll tell you why – because they are still kicking along at the top of the rock game.

Seriously. Their latest album is a testament to that. Blood Moon by Cold Chisel (2019).

After Jimmy Barnes released his latest solo album earlier this year , talk was already that Chisel were back in the studio. Considering some of the songs were written by Cold Chisel compatriots, it actually made me look forward to this album. And, I will say it right here – Jimmy Barnes, Ian Moss (guitar), Don Walker (piano), Phil Small (bass) and Charlie Drayton (drums) have delivered in spades. This is a great rock album. If it wasn't for another good album I bought recently, I think it would have been on constant repeat. So very good.

Looking at the albums that I have enjoyed this year, they have either been by female singer-songwriters or acts that have been going since I was a kid or before. This is a sad state of affairs for the world of music. I have been watching the chart video shows and, I have to say, this view is not changing. The current state of new music is, in general, bland, derivative and/or not very good. Thank goodness for the old guard coming through and giving us albums like… well, like this.

Here's the ten tracks, one of the best collections of the year.

'Getting The Band Back Together' The opening track sounds like a declaration of war, or at least a statement of exactly what is going on. Shared vocals between Barnes and Moss, some great guitar-playing and a driving piano mark this as a rock and roll album that has been missing for too long from the Australian musical landscape. Favourite track on the album.

'Land Of Hope' We enter a more bluesy feel with the second track, a song that feels angry and yet soars to a glorious ending crescendo. And by angry, I mean the lyrics are just filled with bitterness , railing against everything. And that guitar solo… Very good track. A real highlight here.

'Drive' And we go back to guitar-led rock and roll, with Moss' solo suitably impressive here. A driving drumbeat throughout by Drayton holds everything together nicely.

'Killing Time' And we slow down for the next song. It is slower and piano-driven, and yet the lyrics let you know this is a song not about love but about pain. I really like the fact that the first four songs have all had a different feel to them.

'I Hit The Wall' "I hit the wall and the wall won…" This is a more blues-directed track, and a fine one it is, too. The guitar playing shines out and the drumming is right on the money.

'Boundary Street' This has the feel of a late-night brothel, with sultry saxophone, tinkling piano, slow and pained lyrics and drums riding the snare. It is so different and it is glorious and one of the true highlights of the album.

'Buried Treasure' While a good song – and on any other album by any other band, it would have been a stand-out – this track was one of the least on Blood Moon for me. Some nice vocal harmonies, a relatively subdued guitar solo make for a fine track. Don't get me wrong, this is not a bad track by any stretch.

'Accident Prone' This song was heading in the same direction as the one it follows until that really nice guitar solo at the end. That elevated it straight up to something glorious, but the rest of the track – again, while not bad – was really just there.

'Someday' I liked this song a lot. The repeated "Someday…" lyric gave it a sense of something heartfelt; it's nice to see these sort of literary devices used so effectively in song-writing.

'You Are So Beautiful' And we finish with another highlight, a song that would not have been out of place on Moss' Matchbook album. This is a glorious song, a heart-felt love song that even has shades of Clapton's 'Wonderful Tonight' about it. Yeah, I really enjoyed this track.

Being the sort of music nerd I am, I went and bought the CD/DVD set, with 4 tracks and a photo gallery on the DVD. It doesn't really add anything to the album, but it is nice to have.

Anyway, the album itself – 10 tracks, all killer, no filler. Nope, not a bad song on the entire album. Yes, two were only okay, but not one bad one in the bunch. This is an awesome album, bookended by two tracks destined to become Chisel classics.

If you are a fan of Australian pub rock, a fan of Cold Chisel, a fan of real music, you need this in your life.

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