The Coffee Barun

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Posted 2012-09-04 by Natasha Stewartfollow
is one of those places you just don't expect. It's located right next to the Sefton Plaza Shopping Centre (not the fanciest of suburban shopping centres, and it sits on the very busy and quite loud Main North Road. But step inside and you'll feel like you've slipped into some trendy cafe down a very cool laneway - but without any of the pretentiousness.

Coffee is a big thing at the Coffee Barun, and while a fantastic cup of coffee can be a simple cup of coffee, it's still very cool to watch it made through an elaborate mad scientists style drip. You can not only choose from a range of different bean varieties, but you can also decide just how your coffee is made. There are some very interesting methods, and even if you don't understand the effect they have on your coffee they're still a bit of fun.

Plenty of people are also streaming in and out through the day to pick up some Coffee Beans. You can go browse through the bean wall and pick your favourites, or if you can't make it into the store you can also shop online .

Despite the fact they do great coffees, it definitely isn't all about the coffee. Food is another draw card, and their dishes look and good as they taste. The Barun Breakfast is one of the most popular breakfast dishes - with free range eggs, premium bacon, beef burgundy sausage, roasted tomato, garlic infused portabello mushroom, herbed potato cake, and sour dough toast. It's a big breakfast where 'big' feels like a bit of an understatement.

There are more eggs, bagels, waffles, pancakes, croissants, muesli, and french toast. Just about anything you could think to add to a breakfast menu can be found here.

At lunch time the Barun Burger is a popular choice, but once again there are so many things to choose from that it isn't an easy decision.

manages to be a family friendly cafe, without being all about the kids. There's a small play area with toys, a train, and colouring in supplies. In a way the place is more 'friendly' than 'family friendly'. There are plenty of couples with kids, but you'll also find uni students studying in the corner, business people having meetings over a cup of coffee, retirees, and well, just about anyone. It's clearly a popular spot to locals, and everyone seems to make the most of it.

It really is one of those places that has to be seen to be believed, as there's a certain charm that can't rub off on paper or on computer screens. If there's one negative it would be that it isn't the cheapest breakfast in town, but once the food starts arriving you'll understand why.

Even if you're not a local, take the drive up Main North Road and check the Coffee Barun out next time you're hunting for a new brunch spot.

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