Cockroach - Melbourne Fringe Review

Cockroach - Melbourne Fringe Review


Posted 2018-09-23 by Jeni Wilsonfollow

Sat 22 Sep 2018 - Sat 29 Sep 2018

"They deprive me of food, I survive. They sever my limbs. I don't die. I've outlived the dinosaurs. I will outlive them. I'm Cockroach. I go where darkness thrives… And yeah, I don't get asked on second dates."

Waking to find her anger has turned her into an invincible cockroach, she seeks revenge against all males. She tars all men with the same brush with no apologies, she goes where ever darkness prevails.

This is a unique, thought-provoking, fantasy script juxtaposed with reality, startling facts resulting in a dramatic effect. This prose poem/grunge cabaret show is filled with raw emotion and does justice to such a controversial issue as violence against women.

There would seem no hotter, more uncomfortable, more awkward or more cringe-worthy topic than this one. Melita Rowston and Leah Donovan address the issue of violence against women with more violence! There are no apologies - women are angry and they fight back!

Leah's faultless monologue relaying rhetoric against women's is examined scathingly. It's awkward and uncomfortable and indefensible.

%%She is pretty girl,
She's not a damsel in distress,
She is invincible,
She's cockroach, she is angry she is NOT sorry.

She is not leaving anyone behind,
she won't keep anything in,
and she will NOT be silenced.%%

Here's what another audience member said about the show: Leah has a captivating presence, she has charm, charisma and the delivery was intense. This self-confessed conservative male said he knew what to expect about the ugly message but he was very impressed by the quick recital that was almost impossible to keep up with the pace.

I agree, Leah was the master of silences and monologue. She strutted the stage with haunting domination. She told her story, she commanded the audience's attention and her story was very important. This is the heavy topic and not for everyone…. although maybe it should be.

In many ways, this is an insane topic, one that may not have been broached even a year or so ago. It's not my usual genre of choice, yet I heard the man beside me describe it as 'brilliant'. This amoral tale is fitting for the #metoo generation.

I didn't find it funny but others did. I was very surprised at the end by the unexpected loud applause and members of the audience standing to clap so enthusiastically. I can't remember the last time I went to a show where that had happened.

Remember her name: Leah Donovan… she is not your mother and not your bitch. She is a gutsy performer who won't be silenced.

Warning: coarse language and potential triggers from content related to domestic violence, sexual assault and abuse.

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