Coastal Walk Playgrounds

Coastal Walk Playgrounds


Posted 2011-10-27 by Margaret Jonesfollow
The Eastern Suburbs are blessed with thousands of tiny children.

Bless 'em!

But when all the colouring books have been scribbled in, the zoo has been visited so many times the animals all have personal names, and you'll scream if you have to watch another animated movie about penguins - well it is time to find something new to do.

With the rise of the X Factor and Australia's Got Talent we have all become adept at judging things. So take yourself and your little ones off to the Coastal Walk which has a veritable kids delight of playgrounds and walk your way back to happiness.

Take a bus to the north end of Bondi Beach and start with the newest playground. A latte from the Sean's Panorama, or the Speedos Cafe and you can sit whilst the little ones play.

But not too long! Just long enough for the latte to cool to gulping temperature and then get the children to mark the playground out of 10 for fun, equipment, nicest other children - they choose whatever makes them happiest.

Set a score and then amble your way, past the Skate Park, to Mark's Park and the playground on the southern headland and do it all again. What score does this playground record?

Are there more swings, do you have to wait whilst 300 other children try the monkey bars? What makes this one better than the others?

From there it is a short walk to Tamarama with its pretty playpark and a kiosk if you need some water, and toilets if you don't. Sunshades and slides at this one.

Would you tell all your friends about this one or is the playground meant to disappear into obscurity?

On the way there are exercise stations so you can have a workout too - this walk is not just to keep those kiddies quiet, you can get fit at the same time. Sit-ups, chin-ups, leg lifts - feel those muscles burn.

From Tamarama, work your way to Bronte Beach with its amazing octopus playground and rather nice cafe strip for lunch. Then its a quick hop back on the bus and your journey is complete.

So, which playground got the playground crown and which one got the paper hat? That is for you and your children to decide!

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