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Posted 2015-10-15 by Camillefollow
It's 3pm and your flight isn't til 8.50pm. That's like 5 hours wait (boarding is probably at 8.15pm). You're not a first class or business passenger, so you're relegated to the public waiting areas, or are you? If you're departing from Terminal 1 at Manila Airport, there's a place that makes waiting fly like a breeze (you don't even mind if your plane gets delayed, well as long as it departs that day…). It's called .

Unlimited high speed wireless internet surfing, a selection of flowing drinks, all you can eat flowing mini buffet with gourmet treats such as mini lasagne cups, finger sandwhiches, chicken kebabs and cupcakes among others, and your own little lounge area where you can recharge your things and put all your hand luggage down and relax. For Php750 (or AUD22) per person, you can gain access to this public but not well-known lounge and it's well worth the money! You can ever freshen up and take a shower while you wait. Next door to the lounge, is also a massage area wherein you can get an hour long massage for Php1,200 (or AUD35) – who would've thought that an airport massage could be one of the best massages I ever had?

To get here, as soon as you get through immigration, walk pass duty free and you'll see a lady with a sign about the club lounge (which many people miss) then either walk up the stairs or take the elevator to the lounge floor on the 4th level and you've escaped the madness that can be Terminal 1 at Manila Airport. The ultimate escape, the lounge is dimly lit so you can also relax a bit more, take a nap (it's easier travelling with someone, like family or friends).

I love this little club lounge - it makes the wait feel like I'm not waiting really at all. Just enjoying a bite to eat and drink and preparing for the long flight ahead with warm shower and relaxing massage before boarding. Time literally flies.

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