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Posted 2023-11-02 by Ron Dickmanfollow

Celebrating its 125th year, Perth Zoo has long been a great way to spend a family day out. With over 14,00 animals and 169 species from all over the globe, Perth Zoo is the perfect place to see an array of animals up close while also learning about the amazing research efforts regarding conservation that Perth Zoo are a part of.

For those of you wanting to get even more up close with some of the animal kingdom, Close Encounters will let you do just that!

Boasting a wide range of experiences, Close Encounters allows you to get up and personal with some of the Zoo’s most popular residents, including Giraffes, Rhinos, Painted Dogs and Red Pandas!

Depending on the time of year and season, scheduled to best suit the animal's requirements, availability will vary on when you can see these beautiful creatures in their almost all-natural glory.

I have had the great opportunity to experience a few over the past few years and the expertise and knowledge of the staff who facilitate the encounters, paired with amazing interactions with the animals themselves have become some of my best memories of Perth Zoo to date!

Memphis the Rhino, although giant in stature, was so gentle up close. We even got to feed and pet him (note: he likes to roll in the mud so prepare to be grubby by the end of it!).

Giraffe tower, you get to interact with the Giraffes at their level and feed them their favourite treats. Be prepared for those long tongues however, they have quite a grip!

The Painted Dogs, although you don’t get to hand-feed them (for obvious reasons), you get to observe their excited chittering among the pack as they get each other riled up before the feeding frenzy! The information shared by the keepers throughout the encounter was fascinating and I have a whole new respect for these intriguing creatures.

My most recent interaction was with the Red Panda. Having previously been rescheduled due to COVID and then again due to them being too full of the figs that grow in their enclosure to express any interest in wanted to be fed by the likes of me, it was safer to say I was beyond excited when the time came to finally meet them! As always, the zookeepers were full of knowledge regarding all things Red Panda and were even so kind as to take pics of the occasion so I could turn all my focus to the pure adorability of Sombaar as he munched away rather messily on his bamboo protein balls.

Zoo admission is included with your close encounter ticket purchase so why not make a day of it and take in all the attractions the Perth Zoo has to offer! With recent upgrades and renovations to their play equipment and café, you are sure to leave with a head full of memories and a belly full of delicious food. Hopefully, the kids will be so tired too, they will be fast asleep during the car ride home!

One important note, some of the encounters aren’t available to younger zoo-goers so be sure to check the website for further information.

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