Clohesy River 4WD Track

Clohesy River 4WD Track


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The Clohesy River Road 4WD Track goes through the Dinden State Forest in Far North Queensland. The turn off for this 4WD track is on the Kennedy Highway between Kuranda and Mareeba, and is signposted.

As there are creek crossings, a 4WD vehicle is essential; however the crossings are easy for the novice 4WD driver outside of the wet season.

The children enjoyed the responsibility of walking the creeks before we drove through them even though the water was shallow.

Driving down the track, we saw the aftermath of the bushfires that had ravaged the area previously.

The firebreak along the road made for an interesting experience, green vegetation to one side with blackened scrub on the other.

It would be wise to take care in the forest as the Dinden is infested with wild pigs, regardless of what the EPA has to say about ferals in the National Parks!

We spotted pig wallows near waterways, with moss rubbed off the lower trunks of trees, and destroyed vegetation. At one point we heard the noise of a fairly big group of pigs just after the second creek crossing.

Halfway down the track is the Clohesy Curtain Fig Tree boardwalk. We saw curtain figs, wait-a-while vines, and a massive scrubfowl leaf mound.

We thought the hollowed out area in one of the curtain figs was cool, and would make a great impromptu shelter in the forest.

Finally at the end of the Clohesy River Road, the track connected to the Copperlode Dam / Lake Morris access road. Vehicle access to this road is allowed only by permit as it belongs to the Cairns Water Supply.

If you are like us you'll go have a look-see anyway, but like us you'll come up against locked access gates and have to turn back! However, pedestrian access is allowed so if you're up for a bit of a hike, you're free to hike down to the water reservoir.

On the way back to the highway, we stopped at one of the creek crossings for lunch and a splash in the icy cold creek with the kids. Despite hating long drives, the kids were demanding to come back again, so the Dinden has made our favourites list!

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