Climbing Mount Tinbeerwah

Climbing Mount Tinbeerwah


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Ever wanted to proclaim your superiority from the top of a mountain without looking like a goof in front of dozens of other people? Well you're in luck. Mount Tinbeerwah may as well be your own private mountain - it's a little but smaller than the other but a whole lot quieter as well. You'll feel like the only person left on Earth once you reach the summit.

You'll find Mount Tinbeerwah in the Tewantin National Park , just 2km west of Tewantin and 10km from Noosa along Cooroy-Noosa Rd. This easy climb offers panoramic 360 degree views of the northern end of the Sunshine Coast. It's an easy walk, with parts accessible by wheelchair.

The walk should be suitable for all ages with the first part accessible to strollers and those in wheelchairs. It's a smooth, paved 260 metre return trip to the eastern viewpoint of the mountain. It should take no time at all. You'll know when you're there- you'll find a big, stone bench facing towards Noosa Heads and the Pacific Ocean. There's a bit of open space here if you want to bring a picnic up - the view you will get will demand at least some of your time.

From here, you can keep on going over the rocky sediment onto the summit. It's a 1km return trip from the car park and is one of the easiest mountain walks you could hope to accomplish on the Sunshine Coast. After the eastern viewpoint, you'll find a slightly more uphill walk to the mountain's exposed rhyolite summit through the montane shrubland plants growing on the weathered rock sediment.

You'll get some magnificent views on the way up no matter which way you look. It's quite the drop down you'll notice, but thankfully those steep edges have also been properly fenced. Have a peak over, but if you're afraid of heights I wouldn't recommend it. You may also spot a few anchor points for abseiling and rock on the climb up, behind the safety fence at the vertical cliff face, adjacent to the lookout track.

This looks to be the place to do it - you will have a great view behind you of the Tewantin Forest Reserve, as you either ascend or descend the mountain. It's only recommended for experienced and suitably equipped people and those under direct supervision. I'd imagine it would be quite the adrenaline rush to accomplish.

Once you see the firetower, you'll know you've made it. Climb in and take a good look around you. There are no tall trees to block your view here so you should have 360 degree views of the surrounding regions. Noosa Heads will be the clearest to spot, along with the Noosa River, the string of lakes and out west, the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

The avid birdwatchers will have their work cut out for them up here. Black cockatoos are common in the area, as are a variety of forest birds. I even saw two rather noisy birds battle it out for supremacy above me on the summit. Botanists haven't been left out - the more knowledgeable will be able to pick out some of the more common plants to grow in this type of environment including the stunted mallee eucalypts and brush box (Lophostemon confertus).

Mount Tinbeerwah isn't usually the first mountain to come to mind when thinking about what to climb on the Sunshine Coast, and that can be your advantage. Enjoy the solitude only a mountain climb in the middle of a national park can offer and enjoy the sights and sounds of the northern end of the Sunshine Coast from high up.

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