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Posted 2011-09-27 by Natasha Stewartfollow
It is hard to describe the majesty of a glacier to someone who has not been there, and who has not heard its story. Fox Glacier is one such place, it sounds good on paper, but in real life it is so much more. To get the full experience of this amazing piece of natural landscape go on a guided Fox Glacier climb, and prepared to be amazed.

Glaciers are large bodies of ice that are constantly moving, growing or retreating, as they change themselves and the world around them. Before climbing the glacier you can pass markers that show where it once stood hundreds or thousands of years ago, and you can see the physical impact that it has made on the rocks and land surrounding it. Even the patterns in the ice tell a story about the history of this grand glacier.

To climb the glacier you have to be part of a guided tour. Glaciers can be very dangerous places, and to head out without an experienced guide can put you at great risk. Fox Glacier Guiding offers multiple tours that allow you to walk on the Glacier, or explore the face below. Their Fox Trot half day walk or Nimble Fox full day walk are both great ways to see the Glacier. You'll start at the base, and make your way up the trail, passing through temperate rainforests before you make it on to the ice. You can explore the glacier in a safe and controlled environment.

Fox Glacier Guiding have more options available, including a helicopter ride that will land atop the glacier before you begin your walk. You can also choose one of their ice climbing experiences, or spend a bit longer enjoying an overnight trek. Each option has its own advantages, and each show off the spectacular landscape of Fox Glacier.

Fox Glacier is about a 4 hour drive from Queenstown, and there is plenty of accommodation in the area if you want to stay overnight. Half day walks can sometimes start in the afternoon, so this is easily a day trip from Queenstown.

Prices vary, so visit the Fox Glacier Guiding website to find out the detours of Fox Glacier walks.

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