Clifton Springs PS Drive-In Movie 2013

Clifton Springs PS Drive-In Movie 2013


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Fri 22 Nov 2013

It's amazing how quickly new technology has shaped our world. I remember when I used to listen to cassette tapes on my Walkman, and then CDs on my Discman - now I download MP3's to listen to on my iPod . I remember having an entire collection of videotapes which I would watch on our VCR - now I watch movies on DVD or BluRay, or stream them online.

Although most people are thankful that the digital age has made things simpler (we no longer have to worry about rewinding tapes, or worry that the tape has become unspooled), it can be nice to reminisce about those days gone by. It could be one of the reasons why vinyl records have made a comeback with hipster bands, and why some people can't help but be drawn to vintage clothing. Another memory from bygone days is the humble drive-in movie. Once indoor film showings began to grow in popularity, open-air cinemas and drive-in movie theatres lost their allure, and were slowly eradicated. While a select few still exist today, they are more a novelty experience for movie-goers, rather than a regular entertainment pastime.

This novelty could be the reason why the Clifton Springs Primary School Drive-In is such a popular event on the school's annual fundraising calendar. To be held on Friday 22 November, in the large paddock located next to the school, the Drive-In is a highly anticipated event. Students, their families and the local community are invited to park their cars and watch an entertaining family movie. This year, the film of choice is Despicable Me 2 , a computer-animated sequel which features a group of Minions and their comedic attempts to deal with an evil super villain.

If you're feeling nostalgic, or would like to introduce the kids or grandkids to an experience you may have had at their age, then this is the event for you. Gates open at 6.30pm, and the movie begins at dusk. Entry is $30 per car, and there will be food and drinks available for purchase. In the event of bad weather, the film will be moved into the school gymnasium, but hopefully it won't come to that (as this would surely kill the exotic atmosphere of visiting a drive-in).

Tickets can be purchased from the Clifton Springs Primary School office, so make sure you get in quickly to avoid missing out.

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