Click - Film Review

Click - Film Review


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Click is a 2006 comedy-drama film directed by Frank Coraci and starring Adam Sandler, Kate Beckinsale, and Christopher Walken. The film follows the story of Michael Newman (Adam Sandler), a workaholic architect who discovers a magical remote control that allows him to fast forward, rewind, pause, and mute real-life situations. Initially, the remote control helps Michael navigate through his busy life, but soon he realizes that it is causing more harm than good.

The movie begins with Michael Newman, a successful architect who is always on the go. He is trying to balance his demanding job, family life, and home renovation, but is struggling to keep up with everything. One day, he goes to a store to buy a universal remote control for his television, but instead, he encounters a mysterious man named Morty (Christopher Walken) who gives him a magical remote control that allows him to control his life as if it were a television show.

At first, Michael is thrilled with the remote control and uses it to fast forward through the boring parts of his life. He skips his arguments with his wife, Donna (Kate Beckinsale), his children's milestones, and even his parents' deaths. However, as Michael becomes more dependent on the remote, he starts to lose control of his life. The remote begins to program itself, fast-forwarding through Michael's life without his consent, and even muting his voice when he tries to speak.

As the story progresses, Michael realizes that he has missed out on important moments in his life, including the birth of his third child, and that his career has suffered because of his reliance on the remote. He becomes increasingly isolated from his family and colleagues, and it is only when he fast-forwards to the end of his life that he realizes the importance of the people and events he has missed.

One of the most impressive aspects of Click is its ability to balance humour and drama. The movie is filled with Adam Sandler's trademark humour, but it also has its fair share of poignant and emotional moments. The scene where Michael discovers that he has missed his father's funeral because he fast-forwarded through it is particularly moving, and the final scenes of the movie are both heart-warming and tear-jerking.

Another interesting aspect of the movie is the way it explores the concept of time. The remote control in the movie allows Michael to manipulate time in ways that he never thought possible. He can fast forward through the boring parts of his life, pause time to get a break, and even rewind to change the outcome of certain situations. However, as he becomes more dependent on the remote, he begins to lose touch with the present moment and forgets the value of living in the present.

This is a common theme in many movies and TV shows, but Click manages to explore it in a unique and entertaining way. The use of the remote control as a plot device allows the audience to see the consequences of trying to control time and the importance of living in the moment. It also serves as a reminder to appreciate the small moments in life, as they can often be the most important.

Another important theme in Click is the importance of family. Michael's obsession with work and the remote control causes him to neglect his family, but he eventually realizes that they are the most important thing in his life. This is a message that is particularly relevant in today's fast-paced world, where many people struggle to balance work and family life.

The movie also has a strong message about the importance of balance in life. Michael's character is a cautionary tale about the dangers of being too consumed by work and not taking the time to appreciate the things that matter most in life. Click encourages its audience to slow down and enjoy life's simple pleasures, rather than rushing through them.

Adam Sandler delivers a fantastic performance as Michael Newman, showcasing both his comedic and dramatic acting skills. He is convincing in his portrayal of a man who is struggling to balance his personal and professional life. Kate Beckinsale is also impressive as Donna, Michael's supportive wife who tries to help him regain control of his life.

Christopher Walken's performance as Morty, the eccentric inventor of the magical remote control, is also noteworthy. He brings a quirky charm to the character and his scenes with Adam Sandler are some of the movie's most enjoyable.

The movie's visual effects are also impressive, with the remote control's magical powers being brought to life in a way that is both entertaining and believable. The fast-forward and rewind effects are particularly well done, and the scene where Michael pauses time is a standout moment.

Overall, Click is a highly entertaining and thought-provoking movie that is sure to leave a lasting impression on its audience. It is a great example of how a comedy-drama can balance humour and drama, and how a movie can deliver a powerful message while still being highly entertaining. Click is a must-watch for anyone who is looking for a funny, heart-warming, and emotional movie that also has a deeper meaning.


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