Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay


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At nighttime the bright lights will draw you near, and during the day it is the colourful facades that will attract you to . Right near the Mouth of the Singapore River sits this bustling hub of entertainment. Whether you're looking for great cuisine, a fun night out, or just a daytime stroll, there is something to find at .

The brightly coloured shopfronts that line almost look like something out of Disney Land, and they pave the way for the fun to be had. There are so many restaurants and bars at that is is hard to name them all. Cuisines range from Chinese, Italian, Mediterranean, and of course some local favourites. There is something for any time of day, whether you're after a quick snack or a four course meal. To see the full lists of restaurants and bars that make up the mall head to the website .

The Cannery is one place to party at the mall. It is a collection of bars and nightclubs, each with its own specialty. Perhaps the one that stands out the most is the Clinic , a hospital themed bar where you enjoy your drinks in test tubes and drips. There is also Yello Jello Retro Bar , Nectarie Dessert Patisserie , which is described as "the place for clobbers who eat cake", and Mulligan's Irish Pub among others. Whatever mood you are in there is a bar or nightclub at The Cannery to keep you entertained.

isn't all about eating or drinking, there are plenty of other ways to have fun. In the centre of the mall you'll find the large fountain that is perfect for playing in on those hot days. There are also boats along the river, or you could try the exhilarating G-Max Reverse Bungy or GX-5 Extreme Swing. Or if you want you can just take a stroll around the mall, grab some ice cream, and spend some time relaxing.

is also right next to the Central Shopping Centre , so while you're there you'll also be able to shop up a storm. To find out more of what's on offer head to the website .

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