CJ's Village Market

CJ's Village Market


Posted 2021-10-02 by Dee Mbuguafollow
Whoever said size doesn't matter has clearly never set foot in !

I've had a healthy and fervent obsession with CJ's since I first dined there with my family in 2019. That's when I was introduced to their café mocha which remains unrivalled in all my travels - theirs is the best mocha I have ever tasted and it's the consistency for me.

A couple of weeks ago, when my partner and I had early morning errands in Gigiri, we made a beeline for CJ's in Village Market for a late breakfast / early lunch. I ordered a café mocha and a Chipotle Burrito Bowl.

You must understand my obsession with their mocha often (always) precedes any good sense to take pictures of the initial presentation. The mocha comes piping hot with a delicious ginger cookie, whose existence around me is as precarious as the mocha.

The first bite of my burrito bowl was an explosion of freshness and uncompromised flavour - my Achilles' heel. My partner ordered the mocha (duh), masala fries and a small Chicken Hawaii pizza.

The intention was to order a few of the menu items we wanted to try and share them but their food quantity is enough to feed a multitude of construction workers, so not only did we have plenty to eat, we had leftovers for the next day.

also has a variety of interesting hot drink options, like their cardamom café mocha, which offers an interesting twist to the chocolate and coffee combination.

They also have a variety of pastries and desserts, as well as made to order cakes tailored to your celebration.

However, the true piece de resistance for me at is their dynamic members of staff, who always welcome me with a warm smile and an enquiry about whether I will still never change my drink order. Being the avid adventurer I am, every now and then I will confuse enemies of progress by ordering an iced mocha instead of my usual... because mystery is my middle name!

has plenty of room for big groups or intimate gatherings. They have a private, enclosed function room and outdoor sitting areas as well. They follow all COVID protocols, including socially distanced sitting, staff with masks and frequent use of sanitizers.

I honestly wish everyone an encounter with the staff and of course, at the very least, their cafe mocha.

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