Chris Shana Meditation Healing

Chris Shana Meditation Healing


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As unusual as it may sound, Chris Shana 's mission is to change the energy of the world, one bathroom break at a time.

Working with women, in particular, Chris Shana inspires them with her chill skills, which are small tools that people can use every day to distress. They are things that we can all do in a short space of time – even just while you take a toilet break.

It all started when Chris was trying to think of something that she did often every day that she could use to remind herself to be still and to centre herself.
"The bathroom became the place where I could just 'go with the flow', so to speak, be still and pause, for just a moment, bringing myself back to balance," says Chris.

Essentially the bathroom break operates as a quick meditation. It is not meditation in the way that many people regard the concept. But Chris says that meditation can just be about being mindful and being in the moment.
"If we do this every time we go to the toilet, we really will change the energy of our day and ultimately our lives and the world. So the saying that I use is: Be while you pee."

Chris also runs guided meditation sessions in Hemmant and at the Redland's Centre for Women in Cleveland. She does not follow any particular form of teaching or religious belief, but just does what works for her. She also teaches meditation for children.

Other services provided by Chris include three types of healings. An energy balance takes the form of Rekindled Ancient Wisdom , which helps people to balance their energies and move forward.

The second technique is an energy lift, which is a pellowah healing method that helps people to shift their consciousness assisting them to stay above the trees and know where to go next.

The third technique is energy healing, which, Chris says, is a bit like defragging your personal computer. It creates space for new ideas and opportunities to grow.

Chris also runs 'stressed to blessed' programmes to help people to enjoy life and ensure that stress does not take over their world. She loves sharing the concept of going from 'stressed to blessed' and is available for speaking engagements at events.

In addition, Chris does readings, which help people to gain insight and obtain guidance, and spirit guide drawings. The guides support souls by giving them a physical connection to their guides. Chris often uses the quote: "If you knew who walked beside you, you would never be alone again." She says the drawings provide people with a sense of security, a knowing that they are being watched over and guided in this life time.

"So many people just run on adrenalin. My passion is to help those I work with to be in a place of balance. I love to share simple tools that can make such a difference when people use them," she says.
"It all comes back to meditation," she adds, "and creating that stillness within you."

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