Chinese Noodle House

Chinese Noodle House


Posted 2011-11-15 by Sarah Hanfollow
Delicious dumplings aren't hard to come by in Sydney. But delicious and cheap dumplings is a whole other story. will rock your socks off with not only affordable but scrumptious dumplings and buns on offer.

When on a balmy Sunday evening I'm too lazy to cook, I consult my Redfern sidekick Captain Adventure if he's up for some Asian fare. Unfortunately Redfern isn't brimming with excellent Asian cuisine, so we decide to wander down to Chinatown.

Captain Adventure can't even remember the name of the restaurant when he tells me about it. No surprise there. Clearly a lot of thought and consideration went into naming the . Generic at its finest. But I digress - the name of the restaurant isn't important at all because we're here to eat delicious dumplings, not criticise the restaurateurs' imagination.

And much like its name, not a lot of attention went into the d├ęcor here. But again, it doesn't even matter. This tiny hole-in-the-wall eatery is unpretentious in design, yet big in flavours.

We're greeted by a boy who yells at us, 'Table for two?' while shoving menus in our hands. Funnily enough, we realise during the course of our dinner that his pseudo-aggressive approach works. Passers-by are evidently intrigued and follow the boy's command to a tee. I'm sufficiently amused by this as I slurp down my noodles with Chinese tea.

When I peruse the menu, the knife sliced handmade noodles with pork mince and cucumber are just calling out to me. I'm a huge advocate of this kind of dish, and it turns out to be just wonderful. Lovely, tender noodles and tasty pork mince, complemented perfectly by chilli oil (that's an optional addition of course, but for me chilli is never optional - it's a necessity).

The half portion of steamed pork and chive dumplings (you get five in the half portion) is lovely. Our dumplings are steamed, but you can can also opt for boiled or fried dumplings instead, if that's your preference.

The pan-fried pork buns (half portion again) are awesome. They're also available steamed, but I'm happy that we go with the pan-fried option because the buns are crispy and yummy. I do realise that we've overloaded on pork dishes, but I find that at a Chinese restaurant pork is always the best choice.

The final bill arrives on a tiny piece of paper. It's just under $20. Halve that, and you get two happy campers. We literally pay in coins (well, a $5-bill and coins, if we're being fastidious).

I've already decided I'll be returning with a dumpling and bun vengeance. And there are plenty of other dishes that I want to come back for.

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