Chez Monique Silversmith Workshop

Chez Monique Silversmith Workshop


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The island of Gods is also the island of workshops and things to learn, so during your next trip to Bali, why not book a silver making workshop with Chez Monique Silver Smith ?

Bali has a lot more to offer than cheap beer and massages; you could spend months in the island learning new crafts and art forms. The cultural town of Ubud offers an interesting choice of workshops, if you have ever wondered about the process and techniques of silver jewellery then book a spot with Chez Monique to experience true craftsmanship paired with the warmest Balinese hospitality.

Chez Monique Silversmith is located just outside of Ubud's town centre. If you are feeling energetic enough you can take a 25 minute walk slightly uphill through the captivating Balinese streets and everyday life, you can also opt for getting a taxi or even riding your scooter there (5 minutes).

There is a sign outside, however you might think you are breaking into a family home as workshops are held in a traditional Balinese compound. Don't be afraid, compounds are basically where a family shares land but have their own private tiny homes. Keep walking all the way until you hear the gentle hammering and sawing of a silver smith.

Upon arrival, Wayan will greet you with the brightest smile and warmest hug in the whole of Bali. Wayan leads a team of silversmiths and is completely open in regards to your designs, ideas and enthusiasm. My partner and I made our wedding bands here as we wanted them to be an experience we would remember and something we could make for each other; Wayan and his team are the most accomodating and helpful through the whole process.

Silver Smith workshops can be easily booked online and paid in cash at the end. The charge will depend on how intricate your design is and how many grams of silver you end up using, for an average size pendant or ring, you are looking at approximately AUD 40 per person for 2 to 3 hours.

After warm introductions, Wayan will show you some books with photos of different designs, moulds and templates, or you can grab a pencil and paper and create your own. People come and go during the day, and they do get quite busy, so rather than wanting to get the task done, enjoy the motion of it, chat to others and watch how both students and smiths work. Jewellery making is incredibly fun and a very engaging activity.

Throughout the workshop you will get guidance, help and of course some pro tips on how to improve your design. Some of the silversmiths don't speak English, however they know their trade extremely well, so it's nothing you cannot figure out with sign language, it is all part of the experience. Once your piece is finished you will be shown how to polish, clean and smooth any edges, Wayan and his team are all perfectionists, so you will leave with true quality and an incredible memory.

Chez Monique Silversmith workshops do not just teach you the basics of silver work. Wayan is a truly inquisitive and fun character who showcases that unique Balinese hospitality, making everyone feel welcomed and engaged. The finished object is almost secondary to the experience itself.

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