Where's the Cheapest Coffee on the Gold Coast

Where's the Cheapest Coffee on the Gold Coast


Posted 2013-07-14 by Justine Crowleyfollow
Where's the Cheapest Coffee on the Gold Coast?

Who doesn't want a cheap quality brew? Whether you are a local or a visitor to the Gold Coast!

With the brews in mind, quality still needs to be paramount. Quality comes in a decent sized cup of purity at a cafe meets homewares place, with a Middle Eastern influence at Surfers Paradise.

Welcome to the home of $1 coffees at Arabesque Bazaar along Surfers Paradise Boulevard. Is there a catch you might ask? Sure, the only catch is that their $1 coffees must be taken away, are regular sized and are only available at this price between midday to 5pm Monday to Friday. That is fine, it makes for a great treat to walk along the mall and the nearby beach with.

You can easily feel like you have stepped into Morocco or Turkey for a moment due to the ambience of this establishment. While you order your coffee, you will be given a table number to take a seat (if they're busy), and your coffee will then be handed to you - just like full table service. Then you should move on with your take away cup.

The coffee does take a few minutes to make, and although the brew was of a quality nature without being overly strong, I could have done with a scoop of sugar in mine - it would have made this simple cup of caffeine progress from good to great.

Although I have not tasted their coffees, Hungry Jacks right near the beach matches this price all the time with their $1 espresso. However, the latte love at Arabesque Bazzar was a great investment of spare change.

**Where else can you buy dirt cheap, quality coffee on the Gold Coast? Please share by leaving your comments below, and where this coffee can be found. Is it worth it, or is really nasty in this instance?

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