5 Cheap Spring Activities in Perth

5 Cheap Spring Activities in Perth


Posted 2012-09-12 by Tomfollow
The weather is warming up and the sun is out. Unfortunately for many it's not quite warm enough to don the boardies and bikinis and head to the beaches just yet. The rain is still around and cold afternoon breezes just wont go away. So what are the best ways to enjoy Spring on a shoestring?

Wildflower walks
Spring is the best time to see the colours of our great bushland spring to life. Flowers pop up in every nook and cranny of suburban Perth, daisies overrun our local parks and hundreds of flowers turn our nature reserves into a vibrant Eco-metropolis.

And with the flora comes the fauna. All manner of insects can be seen dancing amongst the petals. Bees become approachable and docile and reptiles start to come out of their winter hiding holes. The birds fill the air with a cacophony of tweeting and frogs belt out night time symphonies.

If you're a nature buff, there truly is no better time to get out and experience the best that our natural world has to offer.

Go to the beach
You're crazy, right!? Go to the beach, it's not even 30 degrees! Well yes that is true, but that doesn't mean the beach is useless. Spring is a great time to work on those 'summer bodies'.

Lower UV rays mean tanning is less risky and quieter beaches mean you can go about your exercise routine in relative privacy. Plus, sitting on the beach in the early morning is a very peaceful experience. Listening to the gentle waves crash with nothing but sand and rocks around you is more than enough to calm even the biggest stress head.

Ride a bicycle or go kayaking
In winter, going fast will freeze your face off and going in the water is just an all round bad idea. In summer moving at all requires a million litres of water each minute to survive (I may be exaggerating a little). Spring? Perfect!

The mid to high 20 degree weather is perfect for a leisurely cycle along the coast. You wont sweat to death after five minutes and your face wont freeze solid if you pick up the pace.

If Kayaking is more your thing the thought of falling in the water isn't so demoralizing as it is in winter and if you have to hire , you wont have to book in advance to do so like you do in summer.

So free waterways and leisurely cycles, two activities that are much more enjoyable in the springtime.

Head North on a road trip
While it may be mid twenties in Perth, just two to four hours north it can be as much as five degrees warmer. Places like Wedge Island and Cervantes are perfect for a weekend beach getaway.

Up here the water is warmer, the fishing is fantastic and the surroundings are incredibly serene. From the rustic old shack community of Wedge to the casual fishing village of Cervantes you'll have no problems finding your little piece of uninterrupted paradise on this stretch of beach.

So pack your car, take your line and forget about city worries. Road tripping North in Spring is sure to have you in a better mindset in no time!

Head out to Rottnest
This is probably the best time to go to our favourite island. I can give you three reasons for this.
1. It's cheaper . As Spring is not quite peak season accommodation is a little bit cheaper than it is at the height of summer. Furthermore you will not have to book long in advance or go through a ballot 'lucky dip' system.

2. It's quieter. Even the main beaches in Rottnest are quiet, although by the end of Spring this has changed. There's no screaming kids, no drunken teens and no hordes of tourists to worry about. Just you and your perfect island paradise.

3. Temperature. While Rottnests air temperature is similar to Perth, it's water temperature is a different story. Thanks to the Leeuwin current Rottnests waters are pleasantly warm for much longer than the beaches back on the mainland.

This makes for better fishing and better swimming. Combine this with the quietness and cheapness you'll be hard pressed to find a better simple holiday destination from Perth in the Spring time.

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