Christmas Gifts You Can Make with Stuff You Already Have

Christmas Gifts You Can Make with Stuff You Already Have


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Feeling the pinch this Christmas? Our Weekend Notes crafters are a clever bunch and thanks to them, you can make all your presents using items you might already have in your home.

Loved One

If you'd like to commemorate your time together but don't have the patience for scrapbooking, try making a SMASH book . As the name suggests, delicacy and finesse is not the aim of the game with SMASH booking. Created as a way to gather all those bits and pieces you can't find a home for but don't want to throw away, a SMASH book can be messy and overflowing without losing any of its charm.

If scrapbooking isn't your style but you still want to make something personalised, try these cheap and easy coasters with a design of your choice.


How do children end up with so many clothes that don't fit them? Instead of buying new clothes this Christmas, try turning something they've outgrown into something new and exciting . The planet thanks you.

For an artwork they've loved making as much as they enjoy receiving, grab some old crayons and a canvas to make a melted crayon painting . They're super simple, although a little messy, and if you make a couple, that's presents for your family sorted!


When it comes to family, especially parents, you can usually cheap out a little by giving a thoughtful, ideally handmade, gift, handmade. Try a terrarium , an easy woodcraft , or a bunch of origami flowers . Looking for something cheaper and easier? Try something from Glenda's Christmas Presents from the Heart list.

If you've got children, check out this list of gift crafts and get the kids working! A handmade gift from the grandkids is guaranteed to bump you up to favourite child status.


For neighbours, co-workers and that person who always surprises you, check out these low-cost gifts that can be churned out in high volume.

For something more elevated, try:

  • upcycle old glass jars with some paint and string
  • get crafty decorating mason jars , then fill them with something delicious you've cooked
  • bath bombs, seed starters and more can be made with an ice cube tray

  • Save even more money by making your own cards and gift wrap .

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