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Posted 2020-02-22 by Kat Mayfollow

Wed 12 Feb 2020 - Sun 15 Mar 2020

There was anticipation in the evening air at Gluttony, as we queued to see Charlie Caper at the Adelaide Fringe Festival. The tent in the round is a perfect setting for this show. I felt as if we were entering inside the old fashioned sideshows of the American west to see the travelling magic man. And travel he does. He has performed in 53 countries and now tours for 8 months of the year to around 25 countries. He has perfected his tricks after 20 years of work as a magician. It was to be an evening full of good old-fashioned entertainment with some modern funny twists.

There is no need to rush for a good seat here as all the seating is tiered and intimate. Ahh, he won't fool us. "We can see everything from here," I said to my companion. Charlie Caper hails from Sweden and he speaks excellent English. He even went to the effort to include few Aussie related jokes which was thoughtful. And then he appeared and continued to keep us utterly enthralled for the entire show. There is no assistant in the tutu or rabbit in hats. He doesn't need all that. The focus is entirely on him.

His tricks are old favourites but highly enjoyable with amusing quirks thrown in. There are the magic card tricks, but ones I have never seen before. He has a talent for keeping the audience focused on what he is doing. He even showed us how one trick was done, but within that process, there was a magic that made us gasp again. Many times in the show I realised I was sitting there with my jaw dropped. I looked beside me to Miss Eight and she was the same, mouth wide open.

There are two types of people who attend a magic show. Those who want to analyse and work out how (Miss 8) and those who simply enjoy the entertainment, and do not want to know, (that's me.) Both these types will be amazed during this show. It is no wonder this guy won Sweden's Got Talent 2009. He charms the audience and involves them in his act. He mesmerises and he is funny.

Not just for adults, the Charlie Caper: Magical show fills the gap in older children's entertainment at Adelaide Fringe. There is a lot of shows for young kids, but not much suitable for upper school age or teens. This is a good choice for them. I would not recommend young kids for this show. Charlie confided that they can be distracting to him and the audience. Most of the people there were adults. I studied their reactions and they laughed, gasped and clapped their way through the almost one-hour long show. We didn't want the magic to end.

Charlie has been one of the world's best magic street performers and was here back in 2005 as a Fringe street act. Now he has made a name for himself, Adelaide has set him up in his own tent. He performs nightly at Gluttony at 7.20pm. I really do not want to spoil the show to tell you more, but I can honestly say he is the best magic man I have ever seen. He wanted to be a magician since he was 8 years old. so go along and keep his dream alive He left me absolutely impressed, the kid gob-smacked and it was a pleasure to meet this talented man.

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