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Chandon Limosines


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'Mum!' my daughter hollered through the front door. 'There's a big silver bus outside.'

I hope not, I thought. I had hired the silver Chrysler 300c to collect my brother in law and his new wife and take them to the airport for their honeymoon. It seemed like a better idea than driving them there myself, and for an extra $50 I asked the chauffeur to come a bit earlier to take the whole family on a joy ride through Kings Park.

The Chrysler 300c is the latest addition to the Chandon Limosine family, and it is a beast. If you want to be looked at, you don't need anything more. Seating 10 people and featuring three DVD screens, an impressive sound system and internal (and external) light display, it's not for people who want to make a discrete entrance to an event.

The front doors don't even open normally, but lift like little silver angel wings saying 'look at me!'

Luckily the bus did turn out to be the limosine, and when my daughters found out we were going for a drive in it, they jumped around like they had been hooked up to a pure sugar IV drip. The new bride and groom were only marginally more contained.

Seating for children in limosines is much the same as in taxis and private charter vehicles, so technically anyone over 12 months don't require a child seat. However, the chauffeur had brought along a car seat for my youngest and a booster cushion for my middle child, should we chose to use them.

The cars are very clean, inside and out, and the chauffeur was impeccably dressed, professional yet friendly. Chandon provide champagne glasses, bottles of water and buckets full of ice and much to the excitement of my kids, there were stashes of Mentos available. You can bring your own alcoholic drinks along, and each car has a red carpet should you decide to stop for photos along the way.

You can bring your own music on an iThingy, or just listen to the range they have available (the driver explains how to use it). We were happy singing along to some brilliant old 80s and 90s tunes (the Chrysler also offers karaoke much to the dismay of my husband).

I was surprised at how shaded the windows were, making it a bit difficult to see out in the twilight, but I suppose it makes it very private for the people within. The inside of the car is a bit like being in a juke box, with multi-coloured neon lights. Seats run along the back of the facing forward, down one side, facing sideways, and behind the driver, facing backwards.

Chandon have a range of other cars available as well as the new Chrysler, including a red stretch Hummer which seats 13, and a black Lincoln towncar which seats 8, perfect for those on a budget.

The driver was on time and didn't bat an eyelid at our bad singing or crazy children. He stopped in Kings Park and took photos of us standing in front of the limo, and also took some from the safety of his driver's compartment. Most importantly, he brought us home, shoofed us off and took the bride and groom to the airport to start their new life together.

This is probably not something you would do for a normal trip to the airport as it was $275 for an hour, and when I added an extra fifteen minutes to make sure we had time for the joyride to Kings Park it became $325. But if you were to divide that amount by ten people, then it becomes a very reasonable $32.50 per head. If you were hiring one of the cars for a hens or bucks night, school ball or other special occasion, then you could certainly have a long and luxurious (and loud) limo trip for less than $50 a person.

Great fun for a very special occasion.

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