Chakradance Classes - Embody Healing

Chakradance Classes - Embody Healing


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It was with some excitement and curiosity that my friend and I made our way to the 'Chakradance' class we had booked for a Tuesday evening with a difference. The class was held at an inconspicuous residential terrace that had been converted into a lovely boutique-style meditation and wellness space called ' A Place To Be' in Albert Park.

Not only do they run yoga, breathwork and sound bath sessions but there is a psychology and counselling service upstairs.

We were greeted by Rose's warm and welcoming smile, from Embody healing , and as we stepped inside, we took off our shoes and could already feel the external world of worries and our day so far, begin to melt and drop away. We were led to some brightly coloured cushions in a cosy candlelit room with a serene, calm ambience as we waited for others to arrive.

Once everyone had arrived and settled in, we began the class with a gentle seated meditation; setting our intention to arrive here in this space together – present, curious and open.

I could feel the energy settle as we focused on our breath and simply being in our bodies for a few minutes with gentle music in the background.

Rose introduced herself and outlined the structure of the workshop. Today we were going on a journey inwards to connect to the energy of the 7 chakras from the base to our crown. They are our power energy centres.
Embody Healing may include all 7 chakras or will just focus on one chakra for the class. I was fascinated to learn more about the chakras. Rose spoke a little about the chakras we would explore today, but reminded us that Chakradance is about directly connecting and experiencing the energy of the music ourselves – it's our own unique journey; allowing ourselves to feel the music deeply within our bodies and connecting to these beautiful parts of ourselves and our inner soul.

In a world where we are so busy and constantly bombarded by the noise from the outside world, it was nice to know that we could have this space and time to simply be with ourselves and be reminded that we are our own best experts!

The beauty of the class was we had the freedom to move at our own pace and as we wished. It was not so much how we moved, but giving ourselves permission to move freely and listening/tuning into our body (rather than ruling with our mind!). I remembered the saying "Dance like no one is watching".

Embody healing provided silk eye masks if we wished or we could close our eyes throughout as this was our own journey and not anyone else's! At first, the self-conscious thoughts come but they soon drop away as we get into the music and are guided on the journey.

We began with a gentle white light moving meditation and this was a nice way to gently move and release the body, let go of any stress or tension and soften everything.

Then we moved into the 'dance'. We started at the base and the music was tribal and primal – connecting to our instincts. I felt really grounded and solid. As Rose guided us through the music.

And so we moved through the different parts of the dance connecting to the different energies from the sacral (hips and belly), our creative spirit to our solar plexus; feeling the fiery energy and strength of my inner warrior and so forth. We journeyed through the system to arrive at the crown; our spiritual connection and wisdom. Here I felt connected and supported by this expansive energy of the universe and life.

So in the dance, I felt these spaces and qualities within me – playful, free, grounded. I feel like I travelled without ever having to leave the physical space and I was reminded of these feelings that I know are deep within me and I can connect to, whenever I want. I just need to pause and connect back in. Sometimes we have joyful moments and sometimes we are reminded of things we need to let go of or acknowledge, so that we can move on and forward.

After the dance, we were guided into a mandela creative exercise. Mandela means magic circle in Sanskrit so we spontaneously created this mandela, without thinking, to ground the energy of the dance. We finished with some feedback and a closing integration meditation.

It was great to hear from others and to have this experience. I felt energised and refreshed. I felt lighter somehow. During the session we had some lovely tea and I felt nourished. This is self care in a different way – simply through music and movement and being with ourselves we take care of our bodies and mind.

If you are interested in experiencing a class, Rose from Embody Healing runs weekly Chakradance classes of 75-90 mins at Wild Gypsea in Elwood on Friday evenings and at Merkaba studio, Cheltenham on Monday evenings. There are also other workshops offered on upcoming Sundays (23rd April and 7 May to connect to our Inner Goddess and Warrior) in a 2 hr deep dive journey into the chakra energy.

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For further information contact Rose on 0429 657 561 or [email protected]
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